Hammersmith Support clients have long enjoyed having their websites accessible to all users due to our implementation of accessibility-certified design. This year, we are thrilled to announce that we are offering website accessibility and remediation services through a tool added to your website that displays on the bottom of each page. This tool allows users to make visual and customizable changes right on their screen!

Web Accessibility Remediation

Website Accessibility and Remediation Solution - accessiBe.

According to ADA title III, every business website has to be accessible to people with disabilities, or it will be at risk of being sued and facing unnecessary legal expenses. We recommend the use of our web accessibility solution to solve this problem. According to our research, this is the most affordable and simple solution in the market today.

Our service provides:

  • ADA, WCAG 2.1 Level AA& Section 508 compliance
  • An accessibility statement and certification of performance.
  • Ongoing maintenance involving re-scan of your website every 24 hours.

How Does It Work?

Our new service can be applied to any WordPress website. Once in place, the service places an icon at the bottom of every page the user navigates to. With one click, the user can adjust the page to:

  • be a safe seizure view by removing flashes and reducing color
  • enhance visuasl for the visually impaired
  • an ADHD view with fewer distractions and clearer focus
  • assist with reading and focus
  • keyboard driven navigation
  • screen readers for users who are blind 

Why Is It Beneficial?

All Hammersmith Support designed websites meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines that are approved by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The WCAG ensures that a website meets all the criteria for consumers with varying abilities. Our latest accessibility service offering creates easier access to these tools that are so beneficial to website users.

In addition, website accessibility tooll:

Diminishing Discrimination

Making websites accessible to all can help to reduce the liability of discrimination against people wth disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act protects individuals with disabilities and has created many of the standards with which companies are required to comply. If a company ignores those standards and/or refuses to comply, it can spell big legal trouble.

Promoting Business Ethics

It’s one thing to say that your business is open to all, it’s another to show it. Ensuring that your site can be navigated, and done so comfortably by just about anyone, is a demonstration of good business ethics.

Boosting SEO

Many functions required for a website to be accessibility certified are also beneficial for search engine optimization. Background information on images like alt text, captions, and titles are necessary for a visually impaired individual, but it’s also great information for web crawlers to use in evaluating and ranking your site.

Meeting Global Standards

Federal agencies and their contractors are required to conform with WCAG 2.0. Private businesses are not legally required to comply, but their websites do have to be accessible. While it is optional for private businesses in the United States, websites in the EU are legally obligated to be compliant—including mobile versions.

Ready to Get Started?

Our new accessibility services are available for as little as $500—and we offer competitive pricing for large-scale businesses based on volume. Schedule a complimentary 30-minute meeting to discuss how we can help ensure your website is accessibility certified.

As a website owner, you know how important it is to keep your site secure. Unfortunately, hackers are always looking for new ways to exploit vulnerabilities and gain access to sensitive information. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to help protect your site from getting hacked. Here are five easy ways to help protect your site from getting hacked:

1. Use Strong Passwords

One of the most important steps you can take to protect your site from getting hacked is to use strong passwords. A strong password should be at least 8 characters long and contain a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Additionally, it’s best practice to avoid using the same password for multiple accounts or websites. If you’re having trouble coming up with strong passwords, consider using a password manager like LastPass or 1Password.

2. Update Software Regularly

Another important step in protecting your site from getting hacked is to make sure that all of the software and plugins you use are up-to-date. Hackers often exploit known vulnerabilities in outdated software versions, so it’s important that you keep all of your software updated with the latest security patches and bug fixes. Additionally, if you’re using any open-source software or plugins on your site, make sure that they are actively maintained by their developers so that any new security vulnerabilities can be quickly addressed.

3. Monitor Your Site for Suspicious Activity

It’s also important that you monitor your site for any suspicious activity that could indicate a potential hack attempt. This includes monitoring for unusual login attempts or changes in website traffic patterns. Additionally, if you have an e-commerce store or other sensitive data on your site, make sure that all transactions are encrypted with SSL/TLS encryption technology so that any data sent between the server and client is secure and protected from potential hackers.

4. Use Secure Hosting Services

Another way to help protect your site from getting hacked is by using secure hosting services such as Cloudflare or Sucuri Security which provide additional layers of protection against potential threats such as DDoS attacks and malware infections. These services also offer additional features such as malware scanning and web application firewalls which can help detect malicious activity on your website before it becomes a problem. Additionally, many hosting providers also offer additional security measures such as two-factor authentication which adds an extra layer of protection when logging into the admin area of your website or online store.

Hammersmith Support maintenance clients enjoy secure hosting as part of our monthly service package. In addition, each of our maintenance packages includes:

  • Full site test each month
  • Site backups and live staging copy maintained
  • Security scans and malware prevention
  • Site optimization
  • Submission to Google Search Console
  • Premium hosting on a WP Engine dedicated server (premium package)
  • 2–4 hours of content updates each month

5 . Backup Your Website Regularly

Finally, it’s important that you back up your website regularly so that if something does happen (such as a hack attempt) then you have a recent copy of all of your data available for restoration purposes should the need arise. Many hosting providers offer automatic backups but if yours doesn’t then consider using an external service such as UpdraftPlus which will allow you to schedule regular backups of both files and databases on a daily basis so that they can be quickly restored in case something goes wrong with your website or server environment.

Hammersmith Support Maintenance Services Has You Covered

If you’re thinking that this sounds great but is too time-consuming or too technical, Hammersmith Support is here to help. Our team provides businesses of all sizes with services that are typically only available at larger web agencies. The difference is that our team provides a personal touch to everything that we do, unlike much larger companies. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation, and let’s talk through your questions.

It’s a new year and those timely New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for your exercise routine! Now is the perfect time to plan out your business goals for the year too. And an updated website is the perfect place to start those resolutions—here’s why:


This year will show an increased push for website accessibility. Differently-abled people account for nearly 15% of all those using the Internet. So if you had 1,000 visitors to your website, 150 of those would be differently-abled individuals. Being able to accommodate those needing accommodations such as larger font, non-moving objects on the screen, no flashing lights, or audible text is important for several reasons. First, accommodating the differently abled is ethically responsible. Second, an accessible website can help to prevent discrimination. And third, ensuring that your site functions optimally for all visitors is key to converting visitors to customers


If your website has slowed with time or isn’t able to keep up with your current customer demand it’s time for some updating. Areas that can cause your site to load slowly are:

The average user won’t wait more than 3 seconds for a website to load before leaving the site, so anything that can improve load time is a win.

Dated Design

If your site design is out of date, it could be doing more damage than you realize. Having an out-of-date design not only makes it challenging for visitors to navigate your site, it could also be hurting your business’s credibility. Internet users are far savvier than they used to be, and with prevalent scams, users are more likely to judge a book by its cover—or a business by its site. Out-of-date design can give the impression that your business is outdated or even dishonest.

Poor Functionality

While website functionality covers a lot of topics, it’s still relatively simple: if your site can’t be navigated easily to a clear end point (i.e., a purchase or even a sign-up), then it doesn’t function correctly. It’s important to look at your site’s menus, check for broken links, and the overall content on your site, including blogs, contact information, and copyright date as well.

Not Optimized for Mobile

If your current website isn’t mobile-optimized, it’s time to update. Mobile traffic accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide. A mobile-optimized site has all of the most important information visible and available on mobile. Without that mobile structure, important information may be lost, load time may exceed the user’s attention span, or the site may not be visible at all to mobile users.


If your site has all of the above covered, maybe it’s time to expand on the current offerings. This could include:

We’re Here to Help

Our team works with companies big and small and provides them with resources typically only available at larger web agencies, except we provide them with a much more personal and accessible touch. We want to discuss any challenges and how our services can help solve your business website headaches. Our comprehensive website design services as well, as our ongoing monthly maintenance packages will make managing your website a dream for you and your team. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation and let’s talk through your questions.

Happy New Year! A new year brings new trends, this is true for websites as well. Think back to what some of the first websites you visited looked like compared to what you interface with today – quite the change, huh? The internet is constantly evolving, and web design is no exception. Each year brings new and interesting changes in website design – both visual and behind the scenes – continuing to capture our attention. As we look ahead to 2023, here are some of the top website trends to look out for. 

Motion UI

Motion UI is a library of animations and transitions that can be used to bring life to a website. Think of a Live image from an iPhone where it cycles the same few seconds of movement over and over. The result is subtle and draws the user’s attention to certain elements on the page, but is not distracting to the user. It can also be used to create more complex animations that help to tell a story. Motion UI is a great way to add a bit of flair to a website, and it’s becoming increasingly popular in web design. 

Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds are a great way to make a website stand out. A video background can be used to create a unique visual experience that draws the user in. Video backgrounds are also a great way to communicate a message quickly and effectively. 

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is becoming increasingly popular. Voice search optimization involves optimizing a website’s content and structure to make it more likely to appear in voice search results. This includes optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, and content for keywords that are likely to be used in voice searches. 


A website could be the most beautiful, innovative, and interesting, but if it can’t be accessed by all then the site has failed. We’ll see a big uptick in not only accessible websites but also in products to ensure accessibility, like the one you see in the circle on the bottom right side of our website. These products will not only make it easy for differently abled visitors to navigate the site more easily but they will also help to protect the company by avoiding discrimination.

Responsive Design

Responsive design has been around for a few years now, but it’s still one of the most important trends in web design. Responsive design is the practice of creating a website that automatically adjusts to fit the device it’s being viewed on. This means that a website looks great on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, regardless of the size of the screen. Responsive design is essential for creating a great user experience, as it ensures that users can access your website from any device.

The Gold Standard

The good news is that some things never change! The gold standards of great site structure that enhance the user experience will still be essential in 2023. This includes:

Let’s Get Started

It’s a new year, let’s talk about your new website. Our comprehensive website design services, as well as our ongoing maintenance packages, will make managing your website a dream for you and your team. Download your copy of our “Top Questions to Ask When Hiring a Web Designer” and schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation to get started.  

These are just a few of the top website trends to look out for in 2023. As the internet continues to evolve, new trends will emerge that will shape the way websites are designed and developed. It’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in order to create a website that stands out from the competition. 

It’s that time of year when we take a moment to look back over the year and highlight the posts our readers loved the most. Did you catch them? We’ve got the Top Ten ready for you in case you missed them! Did your favorite post make the list?

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#9. Why Choose Hammersmith Support

We know when it comes to website design, development, and maintenance, you have many choices, so why choose Hammersmith Support over the competition? We’ve got several compelling reasons! Read more here.

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#6. 4.5 Reasons Your Website Needs Maintenance

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#5. Does Your Business Even Need a Website?

Many business owners are conflicted about whether or not it’s worth the investment to have a website for their business because they don’t sell products online or they feel their social media take the place of a website. But the reality is, a website is beneficial for every business for several reasons. Click to read.

#4. Website Best Practices: Functionality

Your website may be visually stunning, well written, and have amazing and clear calls to action, but if it doesn’t function well, none of those things matter! Read more.

#3. Meet the Hammersmith Support Team

In just a few short years, the Hammersmith Support team has grown across two locations in Nashville and Phoenix. This amazing team provides our clients with the best-in-class customer service that separates us from our competition. Click to read.

# 2. Website Best Practices: Security

Even if you don’t collect sensitive information or sell products from your website, the security of the website is still vital. These are the ways you can utilize this best practice to keep your website secure. Read it here.

Drum roll, please! Our #1 most read blog post of 2022 is……

#1. Absolutely Everything You Need to Know about SEO

Websites are our business, which means SEO is always on our minds. Search engine optimization for a website is never done, it’s constantly changing and evolving, which means the website needs to do the same to stay ahead of the game. Because SEO is A) important and B) a moving target, we like to share a lot of information with our readers. Click here to read.

Happy Holidays from Hammersmith Support!

It’s that time of year when Santa is doing a lot of list-checking—and it’s not just those kids he’s watching. Your business website is on his list too! The question is, have you let it be a naughty or nice website this year? Here’s how to tell:


Is your website going to be on the naughty side? It could be if it is:

Out of date

Is your content stale? Is the information on your About page up to date? If not, your out-of-date site is likely turning potential customers away. Out-of-date design isn’t just visual; old site structure can be a problem too. It can cause slow load times, challenging navigation, and can even leave your site vulnerable to malware.

And did you know that an out-of-date website can hurt your credibility too? Out-of-date design can give the impression that your business is outdated or even dishonest.


That all-important “S” in the “https” of your site’s URL is key to keeping your site safe—and your customer’s information safe too. Not having an updated security certificate can spell disaster when it comes to hackers, malware, and Google Ranking Factors.

Missed Updates

Much like a lapsed security certificate, not updating your site regularly can leave it vulnerable to malware and hackers. Further, missed updates can lead to slow load times and downtime if too many updates try to install at one time to catch up.

Lacking SEO

Your website only works if people can find it. Without strong SEO, your site isn’t returned in the search engine results page as high as other sites, making it harder to discover.


Modern and Functional

Not only is the visual part of a website important for visitors but so is the site structure and functionality. Calls to action, mobile optimization, and overall organization help to make a website that is not only great for visitors but has a strong conversion rate too.


A secured site is important for many reasons including giving customers peace of mind. In addition, secured sites maintain better up time, and a secure site contributes to good SEO.


Maintained websites are up to date on all updates, including PHP and plugins. Much like a security certificate, a maintained website is safer and runs smoothly and faster.

Awesome SEO

A nice website has great SEO through all the items listed above but also with:

Complete image information

Large-scale and consistent content updates, such as blog posts


Mobile Optimization

We Can Help Get Your Site to the Nice List

If your site is likely on the Naughty List—or even if it’s definitely on the Naughty List—we can help! We want to discuss any challenges and how our services can help solve your business website headaches. Our comprehensive redesign and rebuild services, as well as our ongoing monthly maintenance packages, will make managing your website a dream for you and your team. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation, and let’s talk through your questions.

Happy Holidays from the Hammersmith Support Team!

It’s no secret that supporting our community is at the core of Hammersmith Support! Giving back and supporting those in need is a pillar of our business. Over the years, we’ve worked together to help UMOM New Day Center, Feed My Starving Children, and Save the Family during the holiday season. And throughout the year, we support a nonprofit by providing pro bono maintenance services. We believe it’s important to support those around us to help build a strong community.

While our team was attending the TN Women Connect LIVE event in October, we also made time to volunteer at UniCycle, a school uniform recycling program for Nashville area schools. UniCycle also has a food pantry in partnership with Homeless Education Resource Office (HERO), which is where our team was able to jump in and organize for them. We know you’ll enjoy learning more about the valuable services UniCycle provides, and we’re grateful for Jami Oakley, the founder and executive director of UniCyle, for sharing with us.

Tell Us About UniCycle

“UniCycle is a volunteer-led organization that collects and redistributes school uniform items in Nashville. We collect ‘outgrown, not worn out’ polo-style shirts and khaki, black and navy bottoms (the standard school uniform for Nashville public school students) in schools districtwide through a system of branded collection baskets and a UniCycle Coordinator at each school. Then, each school keeps what they need to serve students in their school’s UniCycle Closet, and any excess comes to our warehouse location in donated space in an elementary school. We then serve students in the Homeless Education Resource Office (HERO) with that inventory and send boxes of requested items to closets that need more than they collect. It’s really just a system of organizing a huge chunk of the city’s hand-me-downs into a way that serves our most vulnerable students first, then everyone else.”

What Is UniCycle’s “Why”

“UniCycle began after a conversation I had with the director of the HERO program. I had read about the organization and how many students were in unstable housing in Nashville each year—in the neighborhood of 3–3,500 each year—and that she ran the entire program with only two employees. The HERO department is charged with making life easier, school more consistent and resources easily accessed for families in the public school system who are experiencing homelessness. What a worthy mission! So I think the biggest lesson I learned from how UniCycle began is the importance of starting with a question. I didn’t go to her with a preconceived notion of how I could help her support these families—we had an open-ended conversation and hit upon school uniform items as a challenge, a barrier to education and a large expense for her department. We felt like the community could rise up and fill that need, and we developed a way to make that happen.”

How Can We Get Involved?

Unicycle - Nashville nonprofit

“We hope that by now, the majority of Nashvillians think of us first when their kids outgrow yet another pair of khaki school pants—that’s what we need! Outgrown uniforms. And, of course, we’ve gotten large enough that now we need some funds to make it all keep rolling, so we do have a donation function on our website and will launch our first-ever social media fundraising campaign this month!

We love having volunteers and telling people the UniCycle story—nothing makes me happier than seeing other people get the ‘big picture’ of why we’re doing what we’re doing and the impact that it can have for a family. It was so great having the Hammersmith team in to work with us.”

What’s Next for UniCycle?

Unicycle - Nashville nonprofit

“We recently moved into a larger office and warehouse space that we share with the HERO department, and that’s allowing us to expand our support of families. We’re so close to the HERO team every day, we’ve picked up on other ways we can help the community to fill in gaps for families in ways that are completely doable, but can be a gamechanger for those families. We’re going to harness that idea by launching the UniCycle Family Fund next year. Part of our fundraising in November and December of this year will be an attempt to raise $10,000 to launch this fund, and it will provide money to be used on immediate critical needs (think: emergency medication; new nonslip shoes for a parent to start a restaurant job; a gas card so that appointments with resource providers can be met). It’s exciting to grow our reach and feels good to do it so organically.”

Get Involved

Learn more about UniCycle and how you can volunteer or donate by visiting their site www.https://unicycleforschools.org/

Visit our Giving Back page to read more about how Hammersmith Support works with our community, as well as some wonderful organizations you can get involved with too!

We can’t wait to show you one of our latest website launches: the Children’s Leukemia Research Association site! Founded in 1965, Children’s Leukemia Research Association’s mission is to “Fund blood cancer research, find the causes and cures for leukemia and other blood-related disorders, and help families with blood cancer-related expenses for children and adults.” The organization is a self-described “small but mighty” resource for families needing financial assistance during their child’s fight with blood cancer. Hammersmith Support is honored to have been able to assist this incredible organization by creating and supporting a website that will allow them to continue their amazing work digitally as well.

Children's Leukemia Research Association - Website Design, Development & Maintenance

Visual Changes

One of the first steps in forming the new Children’s Leukemia Research Association website was creating a new logo and refining the color scheme for the site. The goal was to modernize and organize the overall look and feel of the logo and the website. New, professional images were added to the site as well as visual “breaks” in content. The result is a clean, modern, and easy-to-follow site.

Functionality Improvements

In addition to the visual changes, there was a big need and emphasis on updating the functionality of the site. There is a detailed process for applying to Children’s Leukemia Research Association for aid, and making that process as easy to understand as possible was essential. Functionality was improved by adding:

  • A resource page for visitors to find additional information
  • A blog which benefits site visitors and also improves the website’s SEO
  • New calls to action that were strategically placed for ease of use

Each of these changes made the CLRA site easier for visitors to navigate.

A Special Personal Touch

Hammersmith Support was thrilled to be able to work with a patient to collaborate on the copy for the new website. Anne McAuley Lopez is an SEO Content Writer and Content Strategist at Agency Content Writer and the author of We Don’t Get to Ring the Bell where she chronicles her journey with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Having Anne’s unique and personal view helped to make the content of the website detailed, clear, and empathetic to readers.


Children’s Leukemia Research Association is now an ongoing maintenance client. Hammersmith Support is providing this essential service to ensure that their site runs smoothly and is updated with the most recent resource updates, grant applications, and more.

Let’s Talk about Your Website

Our comprehensive redesign and rebuild services, as well as our ongoing monthly maintenance packages, are the ideal combination for creating a website that supports your business. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation, and let’s talk through your questions.

Are you referring your clients outside of your business for website development? Is getting information for your clients from third-party developers becoming a pain? Good news! We have a solution for you.

Our agency support services are the easiest way to support your client’s website development and maintenance needs with an in-house feel but at contractor pricing. No interviews, no hiring and none of the fixed overhead that can also include expensive benefits. So having Hammersmith Support on your team is not only a great way to expand your services and revenue options, it’s also a great way to combat inflation by reducing your labor costs. Here’s how it works:

Behind the Scenes

In a nutshell, we work for your clients through your company. Our agency support services are behind the scenes. We are able to complete tasks and projects without corresponding with clients directly, keeping up the appearance of a larger team for your business and the simplicity of one contact for your client. Think of us as the website division of your business—we just operate as our own business!

Part of the Team

On the flip side, our team can work directly with your client under the umbrella of your business. You can even add us to your email so that the client sees a united front when working with your company. Similar to how we operate when completely behind the scenes, except now your Hammersmith team appears as part of your team to the client.

Easy Organization

The Hammersmith Support team is versed in several organizational systems, including Monday, Slack and others. It’s as easy as adding our team to your organization system and they will jump right in. Our agency services can do the following for your clients:

Let’s Talk

Our team works with companies big and small and provides them with resources typically only available at larger web agencies, except we provide them with a much more personal and accessible touch. Let’s discuss how our WordPress Outsourcing support services can add to your product offering. Schedule your complimentary consultation and let’s talk through your questions.

Being a part of the TN Women Connect LIVE Conference is quickly becoming one of our favorite traditions! This is the second annual live event for the organization and Hammersmith Support was excited to be back again. This year, our founder, Heather Locke, participated as a panelist for a panel discussion on success stories that was recorded for The Renaissance Podcast as part of the event. We couldn’t wait to be back again to enjoy the amazing biscuits at the venue, the Loveless Cafe Barn—the food is so good, it’s criminal!

Being a part of the Nashville community is so special to us as a business and also personally for Heather. We always enjoy connecting with new faces and reuniting with old friends too. After completing the TN Women Connect website rebuild, it was even more exciting to see the many faces of TN Women Connect in person. We absolutely love being a part of this community, and we are very proud to have helped facilitate a virtual place for so many to connect.

Learn more about Lucy Miller, the founder of TN Women Connect in our blog interview with her.


TN Women Connect LIVE - Speakers and Panelists

This year’s line of speakers was once again spectacular! Attendees got to hear from several talented women who shared not only their stories but also tips and meaningful advice:

Kirbee Miller, the founder of KiNiMi Kitchen, spoke on the abundance mindset.

Deeannah Seymour, the founder of pH-D Feminine Health, shared her story of creating a successful business.

Tina Phillips, the owner of 615Innovations, spoke about sales and marketing techniques.

Teresa White, strategic business coach, discussed how to network the right way.

Brielle Cotterman, founder of Brielle Cotterman Media, shared about the power of publicity.

The Keynote speaker was Sherry Deutschmann, founder and CEO of BrainTrust, a company dedicated to helping women build financial independence, wealth, and influence through the growth of their businesses.

Panel Discussion and Podcast

The panel discussion was moderated by Sydney Dozier of Renaissance Marketing Group and recorded live for The Renaissance Podcast. The title of the discussion was “Success Stories,” with each panel member sharing their answers to several questions. Panelists included Raven Hernandez who is the founder of Earth Rides, Jamie Heard of Faithfully Restored, Shani Dowel of Possip, and of course, our very own Heather Locke.

What’s Your Why?

Heather shared her “why”: empowering women in technology. She aims to do so not only by providing an exceptional product for her clients but also through education for clients and young women as well.

Success Story

When it comes to success stories, Heather shared a recent success, and that is how her team has shined when given a potential pitfall. When a critical employee announced that she has accepted a position that would enable her to grow her career in a new direction, Heather knew that this employee held a lot of institutional knowledge of the business and was concerned about how the team would fare in her absence. Thankfully, the Hammersmith team flourished, which let Heather know she truly had succeeded in assembling a fantastic group of women for the Hammersmith team.

Biggest Struggle?

When sharing her biggest struggle, Heather talked about struggling with imposter syndrome and self-doubt. When the company was in its infancy, Heather talked about the process of chasing the largest client that Hammersmith had ever worked with and how she showed confidence despite not always feeling confident. Thankfully, her “fake it ’till you make it” attitude paid off as the client signed on with Hammersmith.

Marketing Advice

When it comes to marketing, Heather shared her recipe for success. After testing the waters in several marketing areas, what has worked best for Hammersmith Support is:

  • Organic and authentic connections on LinkedIn
  • Networking within her current client base and thanking referrers
  • Getting in front of people—events such as TN Women Connect are a great place to meet potential clients

Let’s Connect!

Whether we had the pleasure of meeting at TN Women Connect LIVE, or you’re reading about Hammersmith Support for the first time, let’s talk. We want to talk through any challenges and how our services can help solve your business website headaches. Our comprehensive redesign and rebuild services, as well as our ongoing monthly maintenance packages will make managing your website a dream for you and your team. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation, and let’s talk through your questions.