We are excited to be once again sharing about TN Women Connect! Our founder, Heather Locke is a proud member of TN Women Connect and she will be a featured panelist at the TN Women Connect LIVE event in Nashville later this year as well! But first, we want to share what we’ve accomplished for this fantastic organization. TN Women Connect’s site rebuild updated the overall look of the site, but also vastly improved functionality for members and prospective members as well. And as a Hammersmith Support maintenance client, TN Women Connect is enjoying the ease of use while our team manages their membership and website maintenance.

Look and Feel

As the business grew, so did the need to scale the size of the website, which meant a shift from Wix to WordPress. By using the same pallet, but shifting priorities, we were able to give the site a fresh look that was still on brand. New icons were added for clarity as well as visual interest. Professional images were added to the site, as well as Instagram feeds from each chapter. The consistent feeds from Instagram keep the site fresh and up to speed for members. A section for each chapter was added that features chapter-specific information and events. Lastly, the overall layout of the site was rearranged to streamline information and calls to action as well.


The functionality of the site was by far the biggest change made to the site. As the TN Women Connect membership continued to grow and offer more options for members, so did the need for simplifying access to that information. Hammersmith Support created a member portal that combined previously individual site areas. Now members are able to access a detailed member directory. A dynamic calendar was also added and now allows members to find information about upcoming events quickly and easily with an upgraded sorting option.


The e-commerce section of the site was also upgraded. Previously, members had to make individual transactions for each purchase, but by adding WooCommerce that includes a new shopping cart, members can now check out with tickets to multiple events in one transaction. This ease of use is a big member benefit.

Hammersmith Support Can Help Your Site, Too

Is your business ready to redesign or rebuild to better accommodate your clients? We’re here to help. If you have specific questions or are curious about which of Hammersmith Support’s services can benefit your website, schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation and let’s talk through your thoughts. 

Once your website is up and running, you don’t need to do any more work on it, right? That couldn’t be further from the truth! Your business website is much like a living thing: it needs to be cared for in several ways to keep it running smoothly. One of the services it needs is regular maintenance which includes updates, security checks, analytical analysis, and more.

Hammersmith Support’s monthly maintenance packages provide the vital maintenance that your business website needs. But if you’re still wondering what you’re paying for by being a maintenance client, here’s what you can expect:


Not only are we familiar with your website as our client, but we are with you – our client – as well. There are no 1-800 numbers here—just our direct lines and emails.

Ease of Change

Because our team members work on your website each month, there’s no learning curve when you request a change or update—they are already familiar with you, your business, and your site. So change requests can be accommodated quickly and easily.


When you become a Hammersmith Support maintenance client, your site is assigned to one of our team members. They then become your contact for any questions or updates you have, and they’re also the person who will contact you about your site updates as well. They run the site maintenance each month and will point out any areas of opportunity within your site as well.


Here’s the best part: our monthly maintenance packages are much more cost-effective than hiring an employee! No hiring headaches or health insurance hassles, just an easy-to-use service that gives you peace of mind.

Ready to Get Started?

We are excited to answer your questions about your business website. We want to talk through any challenges and how our maintenance packages can solve your problem. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation, and let’s talk through your questions.

Hammersmith Support is excited to roll out a new aspect of our monthly maintenance packages: the monthly report! While it may not exactly sound exciting, we promise that it is a huge benefit to our maintenance clients. Here’s why:

What’s in the Report

The monthly report gives a breakdown of several areas:

Monthly Site Update
  • A brief overview of work done to the site and a personal note
  • Status report for every page of the website
  • Status report for each form on the website
  • Security report that checks for malicious code and the Google blacklist monitor
  • Plugin status report, including the current version and last update
  • Google Analytics including:
    1. Audience overview
    2. City of site users
    3. Page views by date and detail of page views as well
    4. Browser usage
    5. Device type
    6. Referral traffic source
    7. Landing page by date
    8. Network referrals

How to Use the Information

You might be thinking that this is way more information than you’d ever need, but really, this is a gold mine of information! Having a detailed view of how, when, and where site visitors are accessing your website can help form your marketing strategies and pinpoint any trouble areas too. For example, if an old blog post has a high bounce rate, it’s worth looking at the post to determine why. Obviously, visitors are looking for that information, but if they are leaving quickly, maybe it needs to be re-evaluated or updated.

Similarly, if most visitors were doing so from a mobile device, then ensuring that your site is mobile optimized is key. Knowing the referral source, such as Facebook or Instagram, can be helpful in deciding where to spend marketing dollars in order to boost your return on investment.

Why It’s Great

Perhaps most importantly, the beauty of the Hammersmith maintenance report is that our trusted team is compiling it for you. Having an expert examine your site to keep it updated, running smoothly, and give suggestions on ways to improve is invaluable to your business.

Become a Maintenance Client

Becoming a Hammersmith Support maintenance client is as easy as scheduling a complimentary 30-minute consultation where we will talk through your thoughts and how Hammersmith Support can help you.

Once your website is up and running, you don’t have to do much with it, right? The reality is that website maintenance is a vital part of your business. Not only does regular maintenance help keep your site healthy and secure, but it also can benefit your business by expanding and updating your site. Here’s how it works:

A Hammersmith Support maintenance package includes:

  • Full site test each month
  • Site backups and live staging copy maintained
  • Security scans and malware prevention
  • Site optimization
  • Submission to Google Search Console
  • Premium hosting on a WP Engine dedicated server (premium package)
  • 2–4 hours of content updates each month

Sounds good, right? Here’s where it gets even better: those content hours can be utilized to make your website even better for your business. Here’s how:

Landing Pages

If you use digital advertising, having multiple landing pages is beneficial for tracking the effectiveness of digital ads. In addition, landing pages provide clarity for potential clients that are engaging with those advertisements as well.

Seasonal Products

If you have seasonal products—or even just regular product updates—content hours can be used to keep that inventory up to date. And taking that updating time off your schedule is a big win too.

Ad Tracking

Speaking of those landing pages, keeping track of your digital ads and coupons can be tedious. This means using your monthly content hours to track the effectiveness of those ads saves you time and gives a clear view of which ads are most effective.


Keeping up with new memberships on your website can be tedious. Content hours can be used to manage new and existing memberships. The result is a more manageable process for your business and better value for your client.

It’s Easy to Use

Monthly Site Update Report

Hammersmith Support maintenance clients receive a comprehensive report each month. The report details the overall health of the site, what areas were updated, and what areas are in need of attention. There is also a breakdown of the site’s Google Analytics. This information can help pinpoint areas with high bounce rates, top pages, the location of users, and more!

While these reports are sent directly to your inbox, they are also housed in our client portal. This easy and convenient site allows clients to connect directly with our developers to ask questions, request changes or updates, and store analytical information.

Ready to Get Started?

Our top goals are to meet our client’s needs, crush deadlines, and provide them with web services that allow them to focus on what they’re best at; their business. Our team works with companies big and small, and provides them with resources typically only available at larger web agencies, except we provide them with a much more personal and accessible touch.

We would love to answer your questions about your business website and talk through any challenges and possible solutions too. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation, and let’s talk through your questions.

When your business website is running smoothly, it can be easy to overlook it. Because why fix what isn’t broken? But the truth is, just like clothing trends change, so do website designs—and so does the tech in creating a website’s structure. It’s important to stay on top of these ever-evolving trends for several reasons.

Out-of-Date Designs

There are a few ways your site can look, feel, and function in an out-of-date way:

  • Huge hero images
  • Vertical side bars
  • Meaningless or no calls to action
  • Boring topography
  • Stock photos / very very old images / unprofessional images / no images
  • Jam-packed home pages
  • Autoplay music
  • Spammy pop-ups

Why It Matters

If you’re thinking “as long as it works, who cares?” the reality is that out-of-date design can be hurting your credibility. Internet users are far savvier than they used to be, and with so many scammers out there, users are more likely to judge a book by its cover—or a business by its site. Out-of-date design can give the impression that your business is also outdated, or even dishonest.

Further, if your site design is out of date, your site structure is likely to be out of date as well. This means your site could inadvertently be excluding those with disabilities. It could also be not easy to view on mobile, meaning the majority of users won’t be able to access your site the way you intended.



If your site structure is good but the design is lacking, a site refresh may be a good option. Refreshes involve updating color schemes and fonts. Adding new features like a blog as well as professional images, complete with full descriptive information, is beneficial for site visitors and SEO.


If your site looks old because it is old, it’s time for a full redesign. Having a custom-built site not only will bring your website visually up to date but structurally as well. If you’re concerned about a new site negating your long standing SEO, we have a solution for that. Our rebuild process involves identifying the key pages of your site and retaining the existing SEO through staging and redirected pages.

Hammersmith Support Can Help Your Site Too

Do you have questions about what your site might need? Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation and let’s talk through your thoughts and how Hammersmith Support can help you and your business.

Most website platforms offer exclusively template websites. They are great for the average person who wants a personal or business website but doesn’t want to invest in a custom-built site. We only build custom sites for our clients, and while that comes at an additional investment versus a template site, there are additional benefits of a custom-built site.



Because a template is based on the same code no matter what kind of site is using it, templates are vulnerable to hackers. Once a hacker figures out a way into the template code, they can easily get into any site that used that code.

Custom Built

Because the code for a custom-built site is unique to each site, it is more secure. Unique and custom code is like a door with a padlock on top of the regular lock—it’s far more challenging to get through.



A template is built for a variety of people to use, which means it likely carries extra features that your site may not need. Unfortunately, those extra things can make the site slow to load. The average site visitor won’t wait more than 3 seconds to see a website, which means that extra time could cost you visitors.

Custom Built

Custom-built sites are developed with only the essential parts for that business. This is important when it comes to the speed of the site. Without the extra bulk of unused code, the site runs and loads inherently faster.



All of the extra code discussed above is also a contributing factor in SEO. Because the code for a template is built to accommodate many different types of businesses, it’s much more general and not specific to your business.

Custom Built

Because the code for the site is built specifically for that business, the code is customized. This allows for better keyword penetration on the site which is great for SEO.

TN Women Connect Website



The great part about templates is that there are lots to choose from! Depending on your savviness when it comes to editing a website, it may be challenging to get a template site to look the way you want it to. One of the keys to branding is having a consistent visual presence. A templated site may vary from the businesses’ brand standards.

Custom Built

Much like the other aspects of a custom-built site, even the branding portion is customized. This ensures that your business shows up consistently whether a visitor is looking at your website or your brochure.

Hammersmith Support Can Help

Are you ready to upgrade to a custom-built site? Or have questions about the process? Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation and let’s talk through your thoughts and how Hammersmith Support can help you and your business.

August doesn’t just mark the start of the school year, it’s also the halfway point through the third quarter. You read that right; we’re cruising right through the end of the year. But don’t let that scare you; now is the perfect time to get focused and to make the most out of the last months of the year. Here’s how:


It’s not too late to get your website maintenance plan in place! Our maintenance services can be initiated anytime, and it’s always a good time to get your site updated and running smoothly. Maintenance clients benefit from:

  • Site optimization
  • Submission to Google Search Console
  • Site backups and live staging copy maintained
  • Security scans and malware prevention
  • Full site test each month
  • Premium hosting on a WP Engine dedicated server (premium package)
  • 2–4 hours of content updates each month

Upgrade Hosting

A website host is a service provider that administers the technologies and services needed for a website to be viewed on the internet. It’s kind of like a rental space for a business. It is the “rental” space for your website. The key to remember is that not all hosts are created equal. Much like a grocery store and convenience store (both sell food), the breadth, depth, and quality of their offerings vary greatly. At Hammersmith Support, we exclusively use WP Engine hosting. Our dedicated server means secure and fast load times for your website along with room to grow. We offer stand-alone hosting for clients or as part of our Premium Monthly Maintenance package.


Is your site looking a little stale? Or maybe you’ve never updated your logo or mission statement on your site? This is the perfect time to update your site! Add or update images, finally kick off that blog page, or give your site a facelift by updating the color scheme, fonts, layout, and/or logos and images.

Rebuild Your Site

If your website is built with out-of-date infrastructure, it’s likely time to rebuild. Our process will ensure that your site is built with all the important aspects in mind. Mobile-first design, accessibility, a layout that includes calls to action, as well as branding are all important factors in a build. If you’re worried about losing your long-term SEO, don’t worry, we have a solution for that! Our process allows us to maintain your current SEO.

Schedule a Call

We would love to answer your questions about your business website and talk through any challenges and possible solutions too. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation, and let’s talk through your questions.

We are very excited to showcase the new website for eeCPA—and if you’re thinking “How exciting can a certified public accountant’s website be?” we’re here to tell you that it can actually be very exciting. eeCPA is an unconventional accounting firm, and their founder, Elizabeth Hale, wanted a website that was as unique as their business.

eeCPA website

The eeCPA Mission Statement:

we believe in…

Effort. Work until it’s done.

Acceptance. Be someone people trust.

Ownership. If you’re not happy, we’re not finished.

Love. Stop. Listen and Feel to see what people really need.

Worth. There’s a value to everything.

When was the last time you read the word “love” in an accountant’s mission statement? It was this kind of out-of-the-box thinking that had the Hammersmith team excited to design and develop eeCPA’s site. In order to have the right look and feel, Elizabeth enlisted the help of Root + River to define and establish the eeCPA brand. Elizabeth was kind enough to answer a few questions about her experience with the design and development process.

Q&A with Elizabeth Hale

What prompted you to want to have a custom-built website?

“Our last site was built several years ago and was outdated. We had previously defined our process and tools but did not focus on recruitment or who we work best with. This time around we focused on our uniqueness, our brand, and recruiting team members as well as new clients.”

What was your vision for your new website?

“Our new website is fresh and very different from our peers in our industry and community. In other words, our brand stands out as unconventional and we love to work with unconventional entrepreneurs, family offices, and commercial real estate developers and investors. With creative design, photos and videos, I am proud of our new website design and I think it speaks to our passion: until you love people, money doesn’t matter. Our strong belief in effort, acceptance, ownership, love & worth shines through!”

How did Root + River help define the eeCPA brand?

Root + River has been a consultant to us for the last few years. We started with an all-day workshop for our whole team in November 2019 as an offsite retreat. Through questioning, activities, and art, we were able to express all of our intentions and define our vision, beliefs, standards, and mission. We discovered our ‘Why?’ and therefore defined the essence of our brand. Everyone on the team was engaged and we grew stronger as a team in defining what each of us was passionate about. It was a tremendous experience. We continue to meet quarterly with Root + River to check in on ourselves and strengthen our brand and team, and we greatly appreciate the Root + River team that makes every session insightful and delightful!”

The Site Highlights

Much like the company itself, the eeCPA site needed to be unconventional. Everything from the colors to the layout to the fonts needed to stand out against the firm’s competitors. Utilizing the brand standards from Root + River, the website has a bright, bold, unconventional yet organized look. Professional images and video helped to complete the look and feel of the site. The images showcased not only the team but their ultra-modern office as well. And a video from founder Elizabeth Hale speaking about what makes eeCPA different helps to complete the picture for visitors.

We Can Help Your Website Too

Does this highlight have you thinking about changing your website? Or do you have questions about what’s possible? Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation and let’s talk about how Hammersmith Support can help your business.

Want to see more of our work? Visit our Portfolio page to see the websites of several of our clients.

Get in Touch

eeCPA, eecpa.com

Root + River, Root + River

We know when it comes to website design, development, and maintenance,  you have many choices, so why choose Hammersmith Support over the competition? We’ve got several compelling reasons:

Service. Service. Service.

Our top goals are to meet our client needs, crush their deadlines, and provide them web services that allow them to focus on what they’re best at… their business. 

We understand the responsibility that has been bestowed on us which is to be responsive and perform at the highest levels. Many of our clients have experienced the nightmare of having their web developer go ‘dark’ on them and feeling hostage to someone that has access to the most sensitive areas of their online business. 

Which is why, when you call us, you get us! No 1-800 numbers, no robots, and no waiting on hold. Our clients aren’t faceless entities, we know each of them by name, by business, and by their goals resulting in a client retention rate that’s over 95%. The bottom line is… your business is our business. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Over the past decade, we have grown our team of developers, designers, and account service managers with locations in both Nashville and Phoenix. 

Together, their expertise and experience, with companies big and small, provide our clients with resources typically only available at larger web agencies except we provide them with a much more personal and accessible touch.

Hammersmith Support team


One of Hammersmith Support’s core values is to serve and give back to our communities. We extend the same care and empathy we have for our clients to the people and services that need them most. Donating our time, treasure, and talent is at the center of everything that we do! Whether it’s supporting local charities with supplies, volunteering our time, or offering pro bono services to nonprofits,  community is always central to our mission.

Let’s Talk

Hammersmith Support offers everything your business needs for your website including:

We Can Support Your Business Too

No matter where you are in your website’s lifecycle, we can support you! Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation and let’s talk through your questions and see how we can support your business. 

As you may have noticed, we are all about sharing about us this month! We think this is important for a few reasons. There are a lot of website development companies out there, and we want our readers to know what makes us outstanding—and what you can expect in the way of service when you choose to work with us. One thing that is unique about us is the community we have developed and supported over the years, and below are a few highlights.

Community Involvement

We believe that a rising tide lifts all ships and our support for other small businesses is vital to our community and our economy. This is why we are proud members of these communities:

  • Local First Arizona – a nonprofit organization that works to create a community, a voice, and a network for small businesses. They offer resources, promotion, and also advocate for a strong and competitive local economy.
  • Tempe Chamber of Commerce – The Tempe chamber represents over 650 small businesses and is dedicated to improving quality of life in Tempe

Charity Support

UMOM and Save the Family are two Arizona based charities that work to end homelessness. When you help these organizations you directly helping the families they serve. Whether it’s creating welcome baskets for their residents, stuffing stockings for Christmas gifts, providing Thanksgiving dinners or being a proud sponsor of one of their many events, we’re always happy to lend a hand.

Our founder, Heather Locke, also serves on the Association Board for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona. After being a big sister for over 17 years, she is thankful for this opportunity to continue to make a difference in the lives of Arizona youth.

Pro Bono Work

Each year, we select a nonprofit organization and supply them with our maintenance services pro bono for a full year. During this year, we update the website not only on the “inside” but make content changes and add infrastructure that benefits the users as well as the organization. Our pro bono client receives one year of Hammersmith Support maintenance:

  • Site backups and live staging copy maintained
  • Security scans and malware prevention
  • Site optimization
  • Full site test each month
  • Submission to Google Search Console
  • 24 hours for new development—update images, wording, service packages, “About Us” pages, add or update donation forms, etc. This time can also be used to add additional features to the site.

Our past and current pro bono clients include:

Let’s Work Together

We want to support you and your business too. Our clients include solo practitioners all the way to mid-sized corporations – no matter what size or where your website is in its lifecycle, we can accommodate your business. Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation, and let’s talk through your thoughts and how Hammersmith Support can help you and your business.