The Felice Agency: A Hammersmith Support Services Partner

The Felice Agency: A Hammersmith Support Services Partner

Hammersmith Support is honored to provide web services for The Felice Agency.  Tony and his team of experts will work with you to conceptualize and develop your brand, including the standards like fonts, colors, voice, and even images. 

We asked the founder of The Felice Agency, Tony Felice, to share more about his business:

Tell Us About The Felice Agency. What is Your Mission?

“The Felice Agency Mission is to seek out and assist small and medium-sized businesses with their brand-building and performance marketing initiatives. We bring structure, discipline, and creativity with a long track record of results for our clients.”

Who is Your Typical Client? 

“Our typical client is between $1 million and $200 million in size and hires us to be their in-house marketing department. Our ideal client has been in business for more than a year and understands the importance of marketing as an investment in their long-term growth potential. We help them navigate the myriad of options available to make the right choices for the right audiences to deliver on one of two major objectives: First, to establish the company through brand-building initiatives that foster trust and credibility. This is a long-term investment in the company’s future, as the brand building is akin to building equity you can draw upon in times of trouble, i.e., a crisis, a downturn in the economy, bad customer experiences, etc. Second, we help them navigate the incredibly complex world of digital and traditional marketing and advertising, where the emphasis is on short-term gains through sales and through other performance measures. In sum, that means that we make their company cool over the long haul, and they derive great benefits. Our success stories are numerous.”

What Services Do You Provide?

We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Brand Building
  • Digital and Traditional Marketing
  • Strategic Growth Planning and Business Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design and Development (through our partnership with Hammersmith Support)
  • Podcast Production and Promotion
  • Social Media Management
  • Public Relations 
  • Community Relations
  • Crisis Communication and Response Strategy

Our specialties are:

  •  Marketing and Leadership Training for Fire Departments and the Fire Service Industry
  •  Real Estate and Wealth Management
  •  Nonprofits and Causes
  •  Luxury and Travel
  •  Retail and community-based retail engagement
  •  High Technology and Manufacturing
  •  Auto Repair
  •  Lifestyle Brands
  •  Economic and Community Development
  •  Restaurant Groups and Restaurant Branding
  •  Package Design
  •  Exhibit Design
  •  3PL and Supply Chain
  •  Medical Devices and Practices
  •  Authors 

What is Your Favorite Part About the Services You Provide?

The moment when a client cries because we’ve designed a logo for them that totally captures what was in their head and in their heart. Second, to take struggling companies and help them become profitable. Marketing is not for the faint of heart. We have seen every gimmick in the book and so we help them navigate the pitfalls that most companies make in their marketing and advertising. We shore up any off-messaging or inappropriate marketing platforms. Very soon, cookies will retire and will no longer be a viable option for digital marketing, clients will need an expert to help guide them. Also, with the rise of Ai and ChatGPT, we help them understand the role these tools play in the process. At the end of the day, no computer will ever capture the heart, feelings, and impulses of human beings with complex emotions and perceptions of the world around them. In the end, it is subtlety, humor, provocativeness, and/or cleverness that drives real sales.”

What’s your best advice for businesses?

“Establishing a long-term partnership with an agency such as ours is an absolutely critical thing, for small businesses especially. We are always on the job with a team of professionals to help, and we can be the stabilizing force when things are uncertain or when there is a crisis. By having us on the team for the long haul, we can pivot quickly, fill in gaps, and respond to needs much faster than a new hire or an unstable marketing department. We have a long history of commitment to the community by giving back and being present.

There are only five rules to working at the Felice Agency:

  1. Be impeccable with your word
  2. Do your very best
  3. Try not to take anything personally
  4. Never make assumptions, especially negative ones
  5. Be kind to yourself and to others.

Those same rules apply to our clients, except the first rule is to pay us on time. It’s funny, but it’s true. All the best to whoever is reading this – and we are here to help – with an honest, straightforward approach that fosters a sense of trust and pride in us very quickly for whoever chooses us as their agency.  

Finally, I’m extremely grateful to the community that has sustained us over the years. That includes our partnership with Hammersmith which is unlike any other in our company’s history–based on trust and respect and a commitment to endurance. Like you, we have navigated the 2008 recession, the pandemic, and all of the other challenges that we can only get through as a village. Among my so-called competitors, I simply see colleagues and friends. I am a firm believer that a rising tide lifts all boats, and there is room for excellence from all of us in this field.”

Get in Touch

Get in touch with The Felice Agency:

[email protected]

TEL: 602-875-5664

Instagram: @feliceagency