Hammersmith Support is not one thing.

We bolster businesses and agencies, providing you with beautiful, secure and effective websites so you can focus on doing what you do best.

We remove hassles, lessen interruptions and provide relief when a site is not functioning the way it was meant to perform.

We facilitate business as you put your best foot forward, attracting, engaging and growing your connections via your website.

We operate as a team, and human-to-human. Our customers know our team. When an issue arises, a human responds. We value conversation and transparency and we loathe condescension.

Looking for a web support company who knows your name? Contact us.

Hammersmith Support team
Hammersmith Support team

We are a turnkey web services company providing design, development, hosting, support, and SEO.

We work with businesses, agencies, non-profits and personal brands.

Our pride is in our long-standing relationships. We earn loyalty through our ceaseless, unrelenting commitment to exemplary customer service.

We are a certified, woman-owned, woman-run, woman-powered business.

We impact our community in tangible ways. Every year we provide web support services to a nonprofit, partnering with them to help achieve their mission, impacting lives for the better, one donation at a time.

We support clients across the globe from both of our locations in Phoenix and Nashville.

Heather Locke - Founder & CEO

A Web Services Company with a Customer-Centric Approach.

With a successful career that includes over 15 years with Fortune 1000 companies, our founder and Chief Support Officer, Heather Locke, decided there was a better way to support the business community. Heather is highly skilled in custom WordPress development, and is also a HubSpot Certified Designer. As a professional specializing in web development from concept to completion for a multitude of web applications, Heather wanted to reinvent the model, grounding web support in a foundation of communication, knowledge and community appreciation. After working on projects for clients including Subway, Disney, HBO and Target, she took her skills and created Hammersmith Support, growing a team of experts dedicated to customer delight, support and continued satisfaction.

The Hammersmith Support Team is a collection of experts who believe there is a better way to serve our website customers than the industry norm. As professionals, we are wary of the industry’s tendency to operate in the dark, holding customers at arms-length and lacking a true connection.

Hammersmith Support is creating a new industry standard.

We believe the digital connection is only as strong as the human connection, and we endeavor to provide support by learning about you and your business, teaching you about your site, helping you grow and celebrating your success with you.

The Hammersmith Support core values are simple, demonstrable and consistent.

Customer service wins the day

Simply put, kindness counts. Civility, courtesy, and good-old-fashioned manners make the world a better place. Our communication style is open, clear and direct. We value our relationships and it shows in every interaction. The more we know about you, the more we are able to provide you with what you need.

Giving back to our community changes our community for the better

Our dedication to improving our community is demonstrable. Actions speak louder than words, so please read more about the charities we support here.

Transparency equals trust

We achieve mutual success with honesty and trust. The more we understand your goals, the more guidance we are able to provide. Our trust grows as you confide your needs, and we provide insight. We operate in the light, telling you what we will do and when we will do it. If we stumble, you’ll know that too. Hammersmith Support provides transparency in pricing. We disclose everything so you are confident in your choices.

Meet the Team

Hammersmith Support team

Heather Locke

Heather Locke

Chief Support Officer

With more than 15 years’ experience with Fortune 1000 companies, small to mid-sized businesses and agencies, Heather is a proven professional specializing in web development from concept to completion for a multitude of web applications. Heather has worked as an Interactive Project Manager on projects for clients including Subway, Disney, HBO and Target. She is highly skilled in custom WordPress development, and is also a HubSpot Certified Designer.

Favorite Quote: “The most effective way to do it, is to do it. “ – Amelia Earhart

Favorite Movie: The Greatest Showman (replaced A Few Good Men)

Carla Brundige


SEO Manager
Phoebe DeCook


client success manager
Kelly Foster


Administrative Assistant
Lindsey Krause


client success manager


client success manager
Anne Starkle - Client Success Manager


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