giving back

Growing up in Tennessee my dad instilled in his girls the importance of supporting and volunteering for your community. His dedication to others inspired me to make community service an integral part of not only my life, but also my daughter’s life who, at a young age is already learning the same values.

Every Year

Every year Hammersmith Support provides web support services to a non-profit, partnering with them to help achieve their mission and make life better one donation at a time. Having been a part of Big Brothers & Big Sisters for the past 14 years, I got a very personal view of the needs of underprivileged children, which is why I’m pleased to say that this year Hammersmith Support is partnering with the #LoveUp Foundation.

Created by Johnjay and Rich, the LoveUp Foundation spreads love, kindness, and support to our most vulnerable children living within the foster care system.

In 2018, over 3,600 children in foster care were positively affected by the #LoveUp Foundation.

Here are some of the challenges they face:

There are more than

400,00 kids

in the foster care system

1 in 5

are homeless at 18

Fewer than 3%

will earn a college degree


will be unemployed at 24

1 in 4

will experience PTSD

71% of girls

will be pregnant by the time they are 21