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Designing Your Dreams

Our design process puts you in the driver’s seat. You can have as much or as little creative control as you desire. Bring your must-include list, your dream boards, your list of picadillos from other sites, and all every other opinion to our meetings because we want to hear it all. 

Your website is a business card, services list, dating profile, sales catalog, customer service survey and credit card machine rolled into one entity. Your site must attract, delight, inform and entice, and it must constantly evolve. 

Sounds like we’re asking too much? We’re not – we do it all the time. We love the heavy lifting, because there is nothing better than a client viewing their site for the first time and falling in love with their business in a whole new way.

We design from scratch, giving your site a one-of-a-kind experience that feels nothing like a flat template. 

Hammersmith Support team

We develop with speed, mobile use, and usability in mind for all users, making our sites accessible and differently-abled user-friendly.

Once your site is built, we offer step-by-step training on how to use, update, and navigate your site, placing control in your hands.

We are a customer service minded team of real people. When you need help, you will talk to a human who will listen, relate, and resolve your technical issues.

“Our new website has given me more confidence in my whole business … at a time when confidence in one’s business is valuable indeed. Huge thanks to Heather Locke and Hammersmith Support.”
David Murray, Pro Rhetoric

The Process

Initial Design

This is when your site develops a personality. Using color psychology, marketing expertise and brand guidelines we build a user-friendly page that converts users into repeat customers. 

Follow Up

After you review the beginning of your design, you provide feedback. We are committed to transparency, so you will receive a link that allows you to check in whenever you get a little curious. 

Final Development Approval

This is the final walk-thru. Here you will view the front-end of your page and share your final comments. We will wrap up the back-end details and optimize your site, links and buttons for SEO.

Analytics SEO Tracking

Once you approve the final result, we make certain Google and the rest of the internet know that your website exists, and we give you the tools to track your site’s data.

Launch Day

Are we invited to the party? Pop open a bottle of champagne and get ready for the world to know who you are. It’s launch day! After you’re done celebrating, we schedule training sessions with you so you can edit, navigate, and control your site with ease.

10 Questions to Ask Your Website Designer

Download our top 10 questions to ask when hiring a web designer.