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Project Spotlight: Home With Help Website Refresh

This week we’re sharing the website refresh for Home With Help, a personal care, non-medical, in-home help organization for those who need support. Their services range from errands and homemaking, to medication reminders and monitoring eating, to companionship and nanny care. Having a site that is easy to navigate, highlights pertinent information clearly, looks professional, and conveys trustworthiness is a must. Here’s what we worked on for Home With Help:

Original Site

home with help website refresh

Clarify and Simplify Information

Above is a shot of the original Home With Help home page. As you can see, there is a LOT going on! Our goal was to prioritize all of the information that needed to be on the site, and then organize it so that the result was clear, easy-to-find and understand information. The Home With Help message was underscored for the potential customer, and we increased navigability by creating a menu that scrolls with the user.

In addition, we rebuilt all of the lead forms using a more reliable plugin and updated contact information along with social links.

Rework Color Scheme

The Home With Help team wanted to preserve their existing color palette. To update the site, we decided to add larger blocks of color to visually break up information. The result was a clearer message that was visually pleasing – all while maintaining Home With Help’s established brand recognition through color.

Declutter and Update Images

The original site had carousels of images that were a little distracting. We removed several images and replaced some with softer, stationary images, and others with icons. The icons convey information the same way an image does, but with less distraction.

The Finished Product

Home With Help website refresh

Hammersmith Support Can Refresh Your Site, Too

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Curious about how the fully finished product looks? Click here to see the new and improved Home With Help site or visit www.homewithhelp.net!