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Refresh or Rebuild; What’s the Right Choice for Your Website?

Over time, user preferences change, and new trends emerge causing websites to become outdated, both in terms of design and functionality. Therefore it’s important to stay up with the latest trends and continuously evaluate if your site is keeping up. If you feel your website may be showing signs it is time for an update it’s important to evaluate whether your website needs a refresh or a full rebuild.  But, how do you know if Is it time for a complete redesign, or if a simple refresh could be enough?

What is a Website Refresh?

A website refresh is similar to refreshing a home; it’s mostly cosmetic. In your home, you might paint the walls, buy a new rug, or bring in new furniture. Refreshing your site is similar in that colors, layout, content, and logos are reworked to create an updated look. Refreshing a site is perfect for businesses that are rebranding and/or updating product offerings – or just need a fresh look for their site. The new look alerts visitors that something has changed with the company and will get attention.

Who Qualifies for a Site Rebuild?

Companies that have an established website that has outdated infrastructure and/or can no longer support the business demands would qualify for a full site rebuild. This may include some refreshing visuals but typically will keep the same color scheme and logos to stay on brand. The majority of changes are behind the scenes, updating the site framework to support new business channels such as e-commerce, site security, speed and optimization capabilities.

How Do You Know Which You Need?

Take a look at your business goals and what is limiting those goals when it comes to your website. Are you ready to start selling your products online? Do you need to be able to retain visitor contact information and aren’t able to do so on your current site? Is your site speed fast enough? Does your site look outdated but serve your business well? Knowing the answers to these questions can help point you in which direction to go.

We Can Help

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