An Interview with Branding Photographer Amy Allmand

An Interview with Branding Photographer Amy Allmand

Our team had the pleasure of meeting Amy Allmand when we opened our Nashville office last summer. Amy photographed our Tennessee team, as well as the TN Women Connect LIVE event where we hosted a Hammersmith Support booth. We absolutely love Amy’s style, and we are thrilled to bring you an interview with her about how to get great professional images for your business website.

Tell Us a Little About You 

Amy Allmand, Nashville Branding Photographer

My name is Amy Allmand, and I have been a professional photographer for 10 years, with being a full-time photographer for the last 5 years. Previously I worked in the music industry, specifically in music publishing where I worked with songwriters. That career prepared me for when I started to shoot weddings in 2015. Over the last year, I have pivoted my business from photographing weddings and branding, to solely working with branding clients.

Talk to Us About Your Clients. Who Do You Typically Work With?

My clients are creatives and small business owners, with women-owned businesses making up the majority of who I work with. They range from web designers, realtors, life coaches, virtual assistants, singer-songwriters, and more. Being able to work with such a variety of clients is what keeps my creative juices flowing!

What Is Unique About Your Style and Product Offering?

“I look at my process not just as a hired photographer with a static set of poses for every client. I want to give my clients a custom experience, but also where we collaborate on their session together. I welcome their ideas on anything from poses to what they want me to shoot. This is THEIR session, not mine so my artistic ideas take a back burner to what they want for their images. I’m also a very laid-back person and have been told by many clients that I not only put them at ease, but my poised presence really helps during what can be a nerve wracking shoot for some.

What Is Your Best Advice for Your Clients Before a Professional Photo Shoot? 

“Do your research, find a photographer who will help you figure out your vision for your brand. If you don’t know what your brand is all about, I suggest finding a brand professional to help you figure that out, because if you don’t know what your business is and stands for going into a photo session, you may not end up liking the final product because your photographer couldn’t nail it down for you. I have a very extensive pre-shoot questionnaire that is branding 101 for my clients to help with pulling out the answers I need to do the research on their profession and how to tackle their specific session with a customized approach.

Practical tips would be to hire a hair and makeup artist and a stylist if your budget allows. Location is very important to your brand, so being willing to rent a location if you do not have an office is key.

Get in Touch

Instagram: @amyallmandphoto

Facebook: Amy Allmand Photography


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