What is Google Analytics and Why Your Business Website Needs to Use It.

Google Analytics has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Why is that? On top of being easy to navigate and offering great insights into who is visiting your website, this tool offered by Google is FREE. Yes! So what does Google Analytics do for your website and business? We’ve got the break down for you:

What Exactly Does Google Analytics Do?

Through Java scripts, Google is able to capture information about who is visiting your site, how they get there, and how long they stay on each page. Which means you’re now able to see not only how many visitors are coming to your page, but if they’re using a phone, tablet or desk top to get there. You can see how long they stay on each page and which pages have the highest bounce rate.

Some of the areas that are tracked and analyzed are:

  • Audience Behavior: new verses returning visitors, frequency of visits, how they are engaging the site
  • Mobile: smart phone verses tablet
  • Acquisitions: campaigns, searches, keywords
  • Real Time: locations and traffic sources can all be tracked right now

Each of these sections is broken down into individual reports, making it easy to see the data from several directions.

Why is That Important?

You may be thinking “sure that’s nice, but I don’t need all that data”. Even if you don’t use all the data provided, there are certain points that you can absolutely use. Say the reporting shows that the majority of users on your site are using their mobile phone to access it. What if your website is not mobile optimized and so many smart phone visitors bounce once they hit your page because they can’t navigate it from their smart phone? That’s information you can use! Updating your site infrastructure so that it is mobile friendly can reduce your bounce rate and increase productivity on the site.

This data can play a huge roll in your website content too. For example, if your site is written to explain how WordPress works, you would need to be sure that your wording is directed at your target visitor. Said another way, you wouldn’t explain WordPress to a Millennial the same way you would to a Baby Boomer. Knowing the demographics of who is visiting your site can help you shape your content to ensure it’s being digested the best way possible.

Why Not Use Google Console?

Here’s the best part, Google Analytics and Google Console work in tandem! Analytics is the break down of who is visiting your website, how they get there, and how long they stay. Console is the analysis of your site and how it’s performing for those visitors. Using both tools at the same time gives you a comprehensive view of your website from an outside perspective. In addition, both Console and Analytics are designed to be used with the suite of other Google apps including AdWords.