Client Highlight: Pita Jungle Website Rebuild

Client Highlight: Pita Jungle Website Rebuild

We find that showcasing our work for our clients is a great way to inspire others to update their websites too! So if what we did for Pita Jungle restaurant sparks your thought process, then be sure to book a complimentary 30-minute consultation to talk through your questions and ideas!

What Did We Do?

Our website services range from redesign projects that are more like a facelift for a website. This can include color scheme updates, new fonts and typeface, fresh logos, refreshed content, and/or new images too. Redesigned websites encompass everything visual on a website.

Rebuilding a website involves the guts of the site or the infrastructure. This can involve moving a site to the WordPress platform or rebuilding a templated website into a custom-built one. A rebuild is for websites that have outgrown their current platform’s capabilities or for sites that need to improve functionality.

Why a Full Rebuild?

Pita Jungle’s original website was built on the Craft CMS platform and the team at Pita Jungle felt that their website could use some improvement in functionality. The Pita Jungle team members wear many hats, and they found that they needed to make their jobs easier by making their site content easier to update themselves. They opted to focus solely on improving the site’s functionality and left the design of the site the same.

The result of the rebuild was not only a site that functioned more efficiently but it also improved the ability for the Pita Jungle team to make changes and updates more easily.

Additional Improvements

In addition to rebuilding the website, the Pita Jungle team opted to have our accessibility tool added to it. This tool will make it easier for those with disabilities to access information, place orders, and process payments through customizable options. Adding an accessibility tool to a website ensures compliance and allows users to customize your website to their individual accessibility needs. By clicking on the icon that appears at the bottom of every page, users can adjust the settings as needed.

Let’s Talk

If this project highlight has your wheels turning, let’s talk! Contact us to set up a time to discuss your business needs for your website, including how accessible it is to everyone.