How Hammersmith Support Can Help with Your 2022 Business Goals

How Hammersmith Support Can Help with Your 2022 Business Goals

If you have some big new year goals for your business, we’re here to assist! Whether you’re thinking that you’re ready to update your current website, add e-commerce or that it’s time for a new website, we have services to help. Here are just a few of the ways we can help you meet your business goals for this new year.:

Website Refresh

Is 2022 the year your business rebrands? Or adds new product offerings? Then a website refresh is likely in order. A refresh is similar to redesigning a home—it’s mostly cosmetic. In your home, you might paint the walls, buy a new rug, bring in new furniture. Refreshing your site is similar in that colors, layout, content, and logos are reworked to create an updated look. Messaging, photography, and/or images, as well as updating brand standards are also part of a site refresh. The best part? Hammersmith Support can redesign your website without losing any of your existing SEO!

Website Rebuild

Taking into consideration the platform your site is built on, as well as current and future business needs, a complete website overhaul may be in order. In addition to the framework of your site, a website rebuild can also include a brand update. It ensures that your site will work optimally for your business now, with room to change as your business increases. 


Adding e-commerce functionality to your website can work in a few ways. In the traditional sense, it would mean adding products for sale on your website. But it can also include allowing clients to make appointments, pay for services, or even offer an online course on your website. Adding this functionality can increase revenue as well as time efficiency. 


While you may not think monthly website maintenance is necessary, we can assure you that it is a vital part of having a healthy website—and it is also extremely useful for helping your business. Our monthly maintenance packages include 2-4 hours of content updates, which means you can take that time-consuming item off of your to-do list and put it on ours! In addition, our packages include:

  • Site backups and live staging copy maintained
  • Security scans and malware prevention
  • Site optimization
  • Full site test each month
  • Submission to Google Search Console
  • Premium hosting on a WP Engine dedicated server (premium package)
  • 2-4 hours of content updates each month

Better Hosting

A host is a rental space on a server for your website. Hosting companies offer different amenities with their services but not all are created equal. Think of it as a convenience store vs. a grocery store. They both sell food but one has a lot more choices, variety, and quality than the other. Moving to a higher-quality host can:

Enhance SEO

If this is your year to get your website performing with optimal SEO, we can help! Our SEO strategy involves getting the following updated and enhanced:

Each of these areas is key to creating great organic SEO for your site. In addition, all of the websites we build and work with are built on WordPress, which has some of the best “baked in” SEO of any website platform. Also, our relationship with Branched Roots allows us to coordinate off-page SEO for clients who are looking for even more bang for their SEO buck.

Questions? Ready to Get Started?

We’re always excited to hear about new businesses and talk through your website needs. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation, and let’s talk about what we can do for your website and your business too!