Is your website accessibility certified?

Is Your Website Accessibility Certified? Find Out Why It Should Be.

Website form and function are designed around a customer profile which takes into account what customers are looking for in a product, how they buy, why they buy…the list goes on and on. But one characteristic that many customer profiles don’t always account for is an online customer who is disabled. The term disabled person includes those who are movement, hearing and or sight impaired. Consumers who are disabled account for 15% of all internet users but that percentage could be higher if your product does or could serve those with disabilities.

So does it make sense for you and your business to have a website that is accessible to consumers who are disabled? Read on to find out.

How Do I know If My Site Is Accessible?

There are many companies that offer evaluations and certifications for website accessibility (Hammersmith Support included!). Web Content Accessibility Guidelines certification is the standard that is approved by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The WCAG ensures that a website meets all the criteria for consumers with varying abilities.

What Is Included in WCAG Certification?

Having your site accessible to everyone includes the following:

  • Text that is able to be converted to audio, large print, or braille
  • Alt text, captions, and descriptions on all images
  • Avoid images and structure that could cause seizures
  • Tab navigation / all functionality available from keyboard
  • Captions on videos and other content

Why Should My Site Be WCAG Certified?

There are a few reasons why making your website accessible to everyone is so important. Not only is it good business to be able to market to all consumers, but having your site WCAG certified is good for SEO as well. When the functionality of the website includes the above list of WCAG criteria, there is more information for web crawlers to evaluate and use to rank your site. Which is a bonus in addition to being able to market to differently-abled consumers!

Want to read more about WCAG? Click over to the site to read the requirements.

How Hammersmith Support Can Help

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