How Local Schema Can Help Clients Find Your Business

When it comes to creating a website, there are many factors that can help attract potential clients. One of the essential elements for attracting clients to your website is local schema. Local schema is one of the best ways to make your website more visible to potential clients. It enhances your ability to show up high on search engine results pages, particularly for local searches. By adding local schema to your site, you can improve your user experience, increase search engine visibility, and drive more customers to your business.

Let’s dig in to local schema and why it’s helpful for your business.

What Is Local Schema?

Local schema is a microdata code that you can add to your website’s HTML mark-up, helping search engines to better understand the content you offer as well as your business location. By providing search engines with precisely what your business serves and where your business is located, clients in your area can easily find your website. It codes things such as the hours your business is open, currency accepted, department information and so on. When potential customers come to your website, they see the standard information. But with local schema, a search engine will see not only that information but the background code as well. The easier the code is to read, the higher ranking a search engine can give your site.

Why Is Local Schema Helpful?

Just like any form of SEO, making your site easier for search engines to understand, index, and return results to a searcher is paramount. We have blogged quite a bit about organic ways to boost your SEO. Being able to add coded information to boost your SEO is just another tool to improve your site’s Google ranking.

In addition, improving the indexing of your site by search engines can improve the click rate to your website. And local schema, just like other types of organic SEO, is free. Unlike paid advertising, your website will be indexed faster and more easily, resulting in a higher search ranking.

Ways Local Schema Can Help

  1. Increased Local Search Visibility
    When clients run local searches, the search engine looks for specific locations and businesses within those areas. If your website includes local schema and indicates your business location, Google can post your business in front of regional local searches. Local schema can help potential customers learn about your business and find your location.
  2. Better Understanding of Website Content
    When you add local schema to your website, it enables search engines to have a comprehensive understanding of what your business is all about. Local schema makes it easy for search engines to determine the type of business you run, services or products you offer, and where your business is located.
  3. Improves Search Rank
    Local schema is one of the elemental components for improving a website’s search engine ranking. When you install local schema, it helps search engines by creating relevance for local search queries. By providing a contextual data that search engines can understand, you increase the chances of showing up in search engine results page (SERP) for your desired keywords.
  4. Enhances User Experience
    Helping your clients find relevant information regarding your business will improve their overall experience on your website, leading to visiting your website frequently. Adding local schema to your site enhances user experience, ensuring that clients find the information about your business they need in a simple and straightforward manner.

We Can Help

While Hammersmith Support is great at building websites, we’re also amazing at search engine optimization! Contact us to talk through how we can help add local schema to help clients find your business.