Client Highlight: eeCPA

Client Highlight: eeCPA

We are very excited to showcase the new website for eeCPA—and if you’re thinking “How exciting can a certified public accountant’s website be?” we’re here to tell you that it can actually be very exciting. eeCPA is an unconventional accounting firm, and their founder, Elizabeth Hale, wanted a website that was as unique as their business.

eeCPA Custom Designed WordPress Website

The eeCPA Mission Statement:

we believe in…

Effort. Work until it’s done.

Acceptance. Be someone people trust.

Ownership. If you’re not happy, we’re not finished.

Love. Stop. Listen and Feel to see what people really need.

Worth. There’s a value to everything.

When was the last time you read the word “love” in an accountant’s mission statement? It was this kind of out-of-the-box thinking that had the Hammersmith team excited to design and develop eeCPA’s site. In order to have the right look and feel, Elizabeth enlisted the help of Root + River to define and establish the eeCPA brand. Elizabeth was kind enough to answer a few questions about her experience with the design and development process.

Q&A with Elizabeth Hale

What prompted you to want to have a custom-built website?

“Our last site was built several years ago and was outdated. We had previously defined our process and tools but did not focus on recruitment or who we work best with. This time around we focused on our uniqueness, our brand, and recruiting team members as well as new clients.”

What was your vision for your new website?

“Our new website is fresh and very different from our peers in our industry and community. In other words, our brand stands out as unconventional and we love to work with unconventional entrepreneurs, family offices, and commercial real estate developers and investors. With creative design, photos and videos, I am proud of our new website design and I think it speaks to our passion: until you love people, money doesn’t matter. Our strong belief in effort, acceptance, ownership, love & worth shines through!”

How did Root + River help define the eeCPA brand?

Root + River has been a consultant to us for the last few years. We started with an all-day workshop for our whole team in November 2019 as an offsite retreat. Through questioning, activities, and art, we were able to express all of our intentions and define our vision, beliefs, standards, and mission. We discovered our ‘Why?’ and therefore defined the essence of our brand. Everyone on the team was engaged and we grew stronger as a team in defining what each of us was passionate about. It was a tremendous experience. We continue to meet quarterly with Root + River to check in on ourselves and strengthen our brand and team, and we greatly appreciate the Root + River team that makes every session insightful and delightful!”

The Site Highlights

Much like the company itself, the eeCPA site needed to be unconventional. Everything from the colors to the layout to the fonts needed to stand out against the firm’s competitors. Utilizing the brand standards from Root + River, the website has a bright, bold, unconventional yet organized look. Professional images and video helped to complete the look and feel of the site. The images showcased not only the team but their ultra-modern office as well. And a video from founder Elizabeth Hale speaking about what makes eeCPA different helps to complete the picture for visitors.

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