Root + River Website Rebrand Highlight

Root + River Website Rebrand Highlight

We always enjoy bringing our readers the details around our client highlights. Getting to showcase our work, our clients, and their exciting work is such a treat! And this highlight is no different. Where it does vary is that this is a rebrand that we have done for Root + River after executing their initial website rebuild—so we’re highlighting them again!

About Root + River

Root + River provides brand strategy for their clients, and in their own words, they describe their business by saying “We serve mission-driven leaders and organizations by creating evocative messaging and crafting enduring brand strategies that inspire and energize humans.” But make no mistake, they are not your standard branding agency. You’ll know this by their very detailed Warning Label about who their ideal customer is which includes:

  • They are quietly rebellious
  • Tend to be marketers who hate marketing
  • Patiently persistent about making change
  • Carefully curious about new ideas and the future
  • Comfortable receiving expert coaching and guidance
  • Trusting of their talent
  • They love themselves, others and dogs

The Original Website

In 2021, Hammersmith Support rebuilt Root + River’s site with the goal of creating a more efficient and effective conveyance of their business. R+R co-founder, Emily Soccorsy, helped to design the new icons for the site that helped to reduce wording without losing context. New photography was added and older images were reused, but all were given a filter to create a cohesive visual effect.

Root + River WordPress Website Design & Development

The Rebrand

Because the infrastructure of the site was built just a few years ago, little needed updating “inside” the site, this branding update was all visual. Not only has their brand evolved, but so has their team. Adding new, professional images as well as bios was key to this site’s evolution. Earth tones replaced the popping hues of the previous site, and new icons were added that each have a distinctive nature vibe. Fonts were also mixed up to create visual interest, but also to convey their brand.

Root + River Website Design & Development

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