6 of the Top Website Trends in 2022

6 of the Top Website Trends in 2022

Happy 2022! It’s a fresh new year and that means new trends. We always enjoy bringing you the details about what’s new and interesting in tech and websites. Have you heard of or seen any of these trends yet? If not, you’re likely to start seeing them pop up early this year!


You’ve likely seen this little touch on a website but didn’t know what it was called. Micro-interactions are small changes on the website when the cursor hovers. It could be the color of the font or a slight movement of the icon. This includes any kind of subtle change that visually engages the reader and gives the site a tactile feeling.


Many have noted the pandemic as the root cause of a shift toward more simply designed websites. With a rise in anxiety among many, busy and loud websites can prove to be overwhelming and off-putting. Shifting to a more simple design, calming color palettes, easy navigation, and a strong show of security aids in giving visitors a reassuring experience.


In 2020, Hammersmith Support began focusing on accessibility for all new websites we build. The trend in 2022 is for even more accessibility baked into the design of the sites. A great example is a macro footer. The over-emphasizing of the footer is visually appealing and matches the format of the site, but it also makes for easier access for the differently-abled.


Along the same lines as simplicity, website copy and design are trending toward a more optimistic view. Bordering on whimsy, this trend will give visitors a more light-hearted and positive overall vibe. Not only will the goal be to explain how a service or product can solve a customer’s problem, but it will need to do so in a way that doesn’t scare the potential customer but rather uplifts them.

Black and White Color Schemes

Where bold colors were big in 2021, 2022 will see more black and white color schemes. And because black and white can be a little boring, gradients will be popular to create some variation.

Inclusive Copy

With the dawn of preferred pronouns in our email signatures, profile information and so on, websites will also follow suit. Website copy will have more gender-neutral wording to be inclusive to all visitors. Look for they/them combinations rather than the gender-specific he, she, him, her.

Thinking Your Business Website Could Use an Update?

If all these trends have you thinking an update to your business website might be necessary, or that this is the year to build a new website, we’re here to help. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation, and let’s talk about what we can do for your website—and your business too.