Hammersmith Support at TN Women Connect LIVE 2022

Hammersmith Support at TN Women Connect LIVE 2022

Being a part of the TN Women Connect LIVE Conference is quickly becoming one of our favorite traditions! This is the second annual live event for the organization and Hammersmith Support was excited to be back again. This year, our founder, Heather Locke, participated as a panelist for a panel discussion on success stories that was recorded for The Renaissance Podcast as part of the event. We couldn’t wait to be back again to enjoy the amazing biscuits at the venue, the Loveless Cafe Barn—the food is so good, it’s criminal!

Being a part of the Nashville community is so special to us as a business and also personally for Heather. We always enjoy connecting with new faces and reuniting with old friends too. After completing the TN Women Connect website rebuild, it was even more exciting to see the many faces of TN Women Connect in person. We absolutely love being a part of this community, and we are very proud to have helped facilitate a virtual place for so many to connect.

Learn more about Lucy Miller, the founder of TN Women Connect in our blog interview with her.


TN Women Connect LIVE - Speakers and Panelists

This year’s line of speakers was once again spectacular! Attendees got to hear from several talented women who shared not only their stories but also tips and meaningful advice:

Kirbee Miller, the founder of KiNiMi Kitchen, spoke on the abundance mindset.

Deeannah Seymour, the founder of pH-D Feminine Health, shared her story of creating a successful business.

Tina Phillips, the owner of 615Innovations, spoke about sales and marketing techniques.

Teresa White, strategic business coach, discussed how to network the right way.

Brielle Cotterman, founder of Brielle Cotterman Media, shared about the power of publicity.

The Keynote speaker was Sherry Deutschmann, founder and CEO of BrainTrust, a company dedicated to helping women build financial independence, wealth, and influence through the growth of their businesses.

Panel Discussion and Podcast

The panel discussion was moderated by Sydney Dozier of Renaissance Marketing Group and recorded live for The Renaissance Podcast. The title of the discussion was “Success Stories,” with each panel member sharing their answers to several questions. Panelists included Raven Hernandez who is the founder of Earth Rides, Jamie Heard of Faithfully Restored, Shani Dowel of Possip, and of course, our very own Heather Locke.

What’s Your Why?

Heather shared her “why”: empowering women in technology. She aims to do so not only by providing an exceptional product for her clients but also through education for clients and young women as well.

Success Story

When it comes to success stories, Heather shared a recent success, and that is how her team has shined when given a potential pitfall. When a critical employee announced that she has accepted a position that would enable her to grow her career in a new direction, Heather knew that this employee held a lot of institutional knowledge of the business and was concerned about how the team would fare in her absence. Thankfully, the Hammersmith team flourished, which let Heather know she truly had succeeded in assembling a fantastic group of women for the Hammersmith team.

Biggest Struggle?

When sharing her biggest struggle, Heather talked about struggling with imposter syndrome and self-doubt. When the company was in its infancy, Heather talked about the process of chasing the largest client that Hammersmith had ever worked with and how she showed confidence despite not always feeling confident. Thankfully, her “fake it ’till you make it” attitude paid off as the client signed on with Hammersmith.

Marketing Advice

When it comes to marketing, Heather shared her recipe for success. After testing the waters in several marketing areas, what has worked best for Hammersmith Support is:

  • Organic and authentic connections on LinkedIn
  • Networking within her current client base and thanking referrers
  • Getting in front of people—events such as TN Women Connect are a great place to meet potential clients

Let’s Connect!

Whether we had the pleasure of meeting at TN Women Connect LIVE, or you’re reading about Hammersmith Support for the first time, let’s talk. We want to talk through any challenges and how our services can help solve your business website headaches. Our comprehensive redesign and rebuild services, as well as our ongoing monthly maintenance packages will make managing your website a dream for you and your team. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation, and let’s talk through your questions.