TN Women Connect Website Highlight

TN Women Connect Website Highlight

We are excited to be once again sharing about TN Women Connect! Our founder, Heather Locke is a proud member of TN Women Connect and she will be a featured panelist at the TN Women Connect LIVE event in Nashville later this year as well! But first, we want to share what we’ve accomplished for this fantastic organization. TN Women Connect’s site rebuild updated the overall look of the site, but also vastly improved functionality for members and prospective members as well. And as a Hammersmith Support maintenance client, TN Women Connect is enjoying the ease of use while our team manages their membership and website maintenance.

TN Women Connect Custom Designed Website

Look and Feel

As the business grew, so did the need to scale the size of the website, which meant a shift from Wix to WordPress. By using the same pallet, but shifting priorities, we were able to give the site a fresh look that was still on brand. New icons were added for clarity as well as visual interest. Professional images were added to the site, as well as Instagram feeds from each chapter. The consistent feeds from Instagram keep the site fresh and up to speed for members. A section for each chapter was added that features chapter-specific information and events. Lastly, the overall layout of the site was rearranged to streamline information and calls to action as well.


The functionality of the site was by far the biggest change made to the site. As the TN Women Connect membership continued to grow and offer more options for members, so did the need for simplifying access to that information. Hammersmith Support created a member portal that combined previously individual site areas. Now members are able to access a detailed member directory. A dynamic calendar was also added and now allows members to find information about upcoming events quickly and easily with an upgraded sorting option.


The e-commerce section of the site was also upgraded. Previously, members had to make individual transactions for each purchase, but by adding WooCommerce that includes a new shopping cart, members can now check out with tickets to multiple events in one transaction. This ease of use is a big member benefit.

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