Website Maintenance Client Check-In

Website Maintenance Client Check-In

You’ve read all about the Hammersmith Support maintenance packages and why they’re so fantastic for your site. We want to bring you some perspective from two of our real-life maintenance clients! These two business owners are sharing about how the maintenance report benefits their businesses and helps to shape their marketing strategy. Meet Lyndsay Clements of Ellen Grace Marketing and Beth Wand of BW Concepts!

Lyndsay Clements, Ellen Grace Marketing

Lyndsay is a frequent flier on the Hammersmith Support blog. She did a fantastic interview with us as well as gave us some great information on how she utilizes Google Analytics to shape her client’s marketing strategy. Lyndsay is a Hammersmith Support maintenance client, as are several of her clients.

What Do You Look For in Your Maintenance Report?

“I have several clients that are Hammersmith Maintenance clients! Several reports go directly to the client, and I’m CC’d to be in the loop. However, with my other clients, I use Hammersmith Support’s Agency Services, so I’m supplying the monthly report to the client. For the Agency Service clients, I create a summary using the data from the first few pages of the report to assure them that their site has been backed up and that their static pages are in good shape, among other details.

I also pay attention to the referral source and bounce rates for each source, particularly for clients that have a lot of social media posts and/or ads. A high bounce rate can indicate that there could be an issue with the post, so I want to track down any problems.”

What Do You Do with That Information?

“My biggest takeaway for my clients on the maintenance report is providing peace of mind. For my website maintenance report, I really focus on the follow-through actions like, were blog readers then signing up for emails or a discovery call? Looking at what actions visitors take is a great indicator of what is and what isn’t working.”

Beth Wand, BW Concepts

You may remember Beth from some past Hammersmith posts about blogging for your business and her site highlight. She is the founder of BW Concepts, a digital content marketing company that specializes in full-scale social media management, as well as blog and newsletter content.

What Do You Look For in Your Maintenance Report?

“The first thing I look at is which blog posts are getting the most hits. The most recent post is usually the highest, but I’m often surprised at which other topics are getting good views. I also look at which static pages are getting good views. Lastly, I pay attention to the referral source. I make sure that the sources that are the best referrers (for me, it’s IG) are getting consistent and great quality content to continue to drive traffic to my site.”

What Do You Do with That Information?

“The blog topics that get the most and the longest looks are the ones I try to incorporate again but with a different angle. When it comes to my standard pages, I pay attention to the bounce rate and also prioritize content updates based on which pages are getting the most looks to ensure that I have the most recent and best information on the site. Finally, I make sure that my posts are formatted for the best referral sources.”

“I also really appreciate the form checks from the maintenance service. It ensures that I’m always getting email inquiries from my site!”

Additional Metrics

Locations: Where visitors are located could be beneficial for several industries, for example, real estate agents. If traffic is coming from one particular city, it may be a great opportunity to direct marketing dollars in that location.

Mobile vs. Desktop: This is important for sites that have more images that are either A) omitted on the mobile version of the site or B) load too slowly on mobile.

Bounce Rate: Knowing how long visitors are staying on a page is vital. A high bounce rate could indicate poor keyword choices.

Page Status Reports: This is a combination of GA4 reports as well as visual inspection by the Hammersmith team. This combination allows the site owner to know which pages may need some additional attention.

Malware Checks: This service scans the code of the site to ensure that no malicious code has landed.

Sound Like Something Your Site Needs?

Hammersmith Support provides expert-level service for our clients—big and small—with the personal touch of a boutique company. Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation to discuss which of our maintenance packages is right for your business.