Maintenance Client Monthly Report

Maintenance Client Monthly Report

Hammersmith Support is excited to roll out a new aspect of our monthly maintenance packages: the monthly report! While it may not exactly sound exciting, we promise that it is a huge benefit to our maintenance clients. Here’s why:

What’s in the Report

The monthly report gives a breakdown of several areas:

Website Maintenance Monthly Site Update Report
  • A brief overview of work done to the site and a personal note
  • Status report for every page of the website
  • Status report for each form on the website
  • Security report that checks for malicious code and the Google blacklist monitor
  • Plugin status report, including the current version and last update
  • Google Analytics including:
    1. Audience overview
    2. City of site users
    3. Page views by date and detail of page views as well
    4. Browser usage
    5. Device type
    6. Referral traffic source
    7. Landing page by date
    8. Network referrals

How to Use the Information

You might be thinking that this is way more information than you’d ever need, but really, this is a gold mine of information! Having a detailed view of how, when, and where site visitors are accessing your website can help form your marketing strategies and pinpoint any trouble areas too. For example, if an old blog post has a high bounce rate, it’s worth looking at the post to determine why. Obviously, visitors are looking for that information, but if they are leaving quickly, maybe it needs to be re-evaluated or updated.

Similarly, if most visitors were doing so from a mobile device, then ensuring that your site is mobile optimized is key. Knowing the referral source, such as Facebook or Instagram, can be helpful in deciding where to spend marketing dollars in order to boost your return on investment.

Why It’s Great

Perhaps most importantly, the beauty of the Hammersmith maintenance report is that our trusted team is compiling it for you. Having an expert examine your site to keep it updated, running smoothly, and give suggestions on ways to improve is invaluable to your business.

Become a Maintenance Client

Becoming a Hammersmith Support maintenance client is as easy as scheduling a complimentary 30-minute consultation where we will talk through your thoughts and how Hammersmith Support can help you.