Client Highlight: Carver Concierge

Client Highlight: Carver Concierge Website Redesign

We are thrilled to showcase the new website for Carver Concierge! This boutique concierge service with offices in Nashville, Tampa and Sarasota prides itself on being “high-touch and skilled luxury lifestyle and personal assistance services to help busy people focus on what matters most to them.” Their services range from household services like drycleaning pickup, waiting for in-home services like utility repairs, to relocation services—they will even help your college student move into their dorm! Carver Concierge allows their clients the luxury of focusing on what matters most to them.

Nicole Carver of Carver Concierge

We had the privilege of meeting Nicole Carver at the TN Women Connect LIVE last year. She had begun work on a new website but was unhappy with the direction it was headed. After talking, we were able to establish that her website needed to be an elevated look and feel that was inline with the high-end service Carver Concierge provides to their clients.

Hammersmith Support was delighted to build the Carver Concierge website. Here’s what we worked on:

Layout and Copy

Carver Concierge offers a wide variety of assistance and to several different kinds of clients. In addition, their services require a little more description than other industries in order to make it easy for potential clients to understand. Hammersmith Support enlisted Geneva Maresma, a strategic copywriter, to help craft the unique and descriptive copy for the site.

Calls to Action

Carver Concierge is all about simplified solutions for their clients—which starts at the very beginning of the process. After a client is able to easily determine what Carver Concierge has to offer, having clear calls to action that are strategically placed on their pages make it easy for site visitors to take the next step.

Blog Layout

Carver Concierge had an extensive library of blog posts (yay SEO!) to home on their new site. Not only did we want to maintain the content of the posts, we wanted to ensure that they were visually interesting as well. By displaying all of the featured images of each post in the same dimensions as well as a size that was easy to see was important to the page’s visual appeal. In addition, the categories for each post were listed, along with the title, to entice visitors to keep reading.

Professional Images

While parts of the website lent itself to using stock images, the type and feel of those images were very important. And because Carver Concierge’s services are so personal, we thought it was important to highlight the Carver team. Because if someone is helping make your vacation arrangements or waiting at your home for the cable company, you’re going to want to know who they are! Professional images allowed us to showcase the Carver team and with an aesthetic that matched the look and feel of the website.

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