Client Highlight: Children's Leukemia Research Association

Client Highlight: Children’s Leukemia Research Association

We can’t wait to show you one of our latest website launches: the Children’s Leukemia Research Association site! Founded in 1965, Children’s Leukemia Research Association’s mission is to “Fund blood cancer research, find the causes and cures for leukemia and other blood-related disorders, and help families with blood cancer-related expenses for children and adults.” The organization is a self-described “small but mighty” resource for families needing financial assistance during their child’s fight with blood cancer. Hammersmith Support is honored to have been able to assist this incredible organization by creating and supporting a website that will allow them to continue their amazing work digitally as well.

Children's Leukemia Research Association - Website Design, Development & Maintenance

Visual Changes

One of the first steps in forming the new Children’s Leukemia Research Association website was creating a new logo and refining the color scheme for the site. The goal was to modernize and organize the overall look and feel of the logo and the website. New, professional images were added to the site as well as visual “breaks” in content. The result is a clean, modern, and easy-to-follow site.

Functionality Improvements

In addition to the visual changes, there was a big need and emphasis on updating the functionality of the site. There is a detailed process for applying to Children’s Leukemia Research Association for aid, and making that process as easy to understand as possible was essential. Functionality was improved by adding:

  • A resource page for visitors to find additional information
  • A blog which benefits site visitors and also improves the website’s SEO
  • New calls to action that were strategically placed for ease of use

Each of these changes made the CLRA site easier for visitors to navigate.

A Special Personal Touch

Hammersmith Support was thrilled to be able to work with a patient to collaborate on the copy for the new website. Anne McAuley Lopez is an SEO Content Writer and Content Strategist at Agency Content Writer and the author of We Don’t Get to Ring the Bell where she chronicles her journey with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Having Anne’s unique and personal view helped to make the content of the website detailed, clear, and empathetic to readers.


Children’s Leukemia Research Association is now an ongoing maintenance client. Hammersmith Support is providing this essential service to ensure that their site runs smoothly and is updated with the most recent resource updates, grant applications, and more.

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