Is Your Website Design Out of Date?

Is Your Website Design Out of Date?

When your business website is running smoothly, it can be easy to overlook it. Because why fix what isn’t broken? But the truth is, just like clothing trends change, so do website designs—and so does the tech in creating a website’s structure. It’s important to stay on top of these ever-evolving trends for several reasons.

Out-of-Date Designs

There are a few ways your site can look, feel, and function in an out-of-date way:

  • Huge hero images
  • Vertical side bars
  • Meaningless or no calls to action
  • Boring topography
  • Stock photos / very very old images / unprofessional images / no images
  • Jam-packed home pages
  • Autoplay music
  • Spammy pop-ups

Why It Matters

If you’re thinking “as long as it works, who cares?” the reality is that out-of-date design can be hurting your credibility. Internet users are far savvier than they used to be, and with so many scammers out there, users are more likely to judge a book by its cover—or a business by its site. Out-of-date design can give the impression that your business is also outdated, or even dishonest.

Further, if your site design is out of date, your site structure is likely to be out of date as well. This means your site could inadvertently be excluding those with disabilities. It could also be not easy to view on mobile, meaning the majority of users won’t be able to access your site the way you intended.



If your site structure is good but the design is lacking, a site refresh may be a good option. Refreshes involve updating color schemes and fonts. Adding new features like a blog as well as professional images, complete with full descriptive information, is beneficial for site visitors and SEO.


If your site looks old because it is old, it’s time for a full redesign. Having a custom-built site not only will bring your website visually up to date but structurally as well. If you’re concerned about a new site negating your long standing SEO, we have a solution for that. Our rebuild process involves identifying the key pages of your site and retaining the existing SEO through staging and redirected pages.

Hammersmith Support Can Help Your Site Too

Do you have questions about what your site might need? Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation and let’s talk through your thoughts and how Hammersmith Support can help you and your business.

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