What is the Hammersmith Support Pro Bono Project?

What is the Hammersmith Support Pro Bono Project?

It’s that time of year! We always look forward to the beginning of the search for our next pro bono clients. Since 2019, we have chosen 1–2 nonprofits to provide our website maintenance services for free for one year. For many organizations, we’re able to make significant and lasting changes to their website and their organization over the course of a year. It is always our goal to not only make the nonprofit’s website run smoothly but also changes that really work to support the organization as well.

What We Do

Our newest pro bono client will receive one year of Hammersmith Support maintenance which includes:

  • Site backups and live staging copy maintained
  • Security scans and malware prevention
  • Site optimization
  • Full site test each month
  • Submission to Google Search Console
  • 24 hours of development to get your site spruced up — content updates, update images, wording, service packages, About Us pages, add or update donation forms, etc. This time can also be used to add additional features to your site!
  • An accessibility tool that ensures the website is compliant and allows users to change the view of the page to accommodate disabilities

These services are valued at approximately $4,000.

Hear For Yourself

We are grateful to Renee Aguilar from Phoenix Center for the Arts for sharing with us how being the pro bono client helped her organization.

Why We Do It

One of the foundational aspects of Hammersmith Support is to give back to our community. We believe that a supported community is a happy one, and we strive to do our part! Throughout the year, we volunteer our time as well as organize donations for various local charities. Our pro bono project is another way we can serve our community by helping nonprofits with what is often a large expense, headache, or overlooked area of their organization—their websites.

We have enjoyed working with each of our pro bono clients! Be sure to check out their websites and support them too:

Stay Tuned!

We will be announcing this year’s search in just a few weeks! If you are a 501c3 nonprofit in Arizona or Tennessee and have a website built on the WordPress platform, we want to talk with you.

Not a Nonprofit?

If you’re not a nonprofit, but are thinking the website maintenance list above looks pretty interesting, let’s talk. Hammersmith Support assists businesses large and small with individualized and detailed services for a wide range of website needs. Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation and we can talk through how we can help you and your business.