Pro Bono Client Check-In: Bista Accel

Pro Bono Client Check-In: Bista Accel

We hit the ground running with this year’s nonprofit Pro Bono Clients, and today we’re excited to showcase one of the organizations, Bista Accel, as well as share what Hammersmith Support has done for their website over the last several months. Clinical Director, Emily Nuño, shared about the organization and how Hammersmith Support’s services are helping to improve their organization.

Both of our yearly nonprofit pro bono clients receive monthly website maintenance that includes:

  • Site backups and live staging copy maintained
  • Security scans and malware prevention
  • Site optimization
  • Full site test each month
  • Submission to Google Search Console
  • 24 hours of development to get your site spruced up—content updates, update images, wording, service packages, About Us pages, add or update donation forms, etc. This time can also be used to add additional features to your site!
  • Our accessibility tool

Each organization’s needs are different and so their content hours can be applied to the areas that need the most work. Bista’s content hours were utilized for a full website redesign that focused on improving functionality, content updates, and the overall layout of the site.

Bista Accel nonprofit website redesign

Tell us a little about your organization.

“Bista is a nonprofit in Arizona that provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Speech, and Occupational Therapy services. We provide services from birth to 18 years old across Arizona. Bista also provides professional development and training to school districts or organizations needing support. We pride ourselves in creating a compassionate and fun therapy environment for all learners.”

What made you reach out to Hammersmith Support? 

“We actually won the opportunity to work with Hammersmith Support and it has been a huge blessing. Our website is now beautiful, and information is more accessible.”

What issues were you having with your site?

“Our old website was out of date and heavy. There was too much content and it was not laid out in a user-friendly manner. It also didn’t match a brand refresh we recently went through.”

What goals did you have for the site rebuild?

“We wanted our new website to look inviting and be easy for families to navigate.”

What is your best advice for other organizations thinking about rebuilding their website?

“To work with a professional like Hammersmith Support that understands your vision. It’s a big undertaking, and you need someone who understands the technical and artistic side of building a new website.”

Hammersmith Support Can Support Your Website Too.

You don’t have to be a nonprofit to enjoy our monthly maintenance services! Set up a complimentary 30-minute meeting, and let’s talk about your business and how we can help your business.

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