The History of the Hammersmith Support ProBono Project

The History of the Hammersmith Support ProBono Project

Since 2019, we have chosen one to two nonprofits to provide our website maintenance services for free for one year. For many organizations, we’re able to make significant and lasting changes to their website and their organization over the course of a year. It is always our goal to not only make the nonprofit’s website run smoothly but also to create changes that work to support the organization and its mission. We accomplish this by providing our monthly website maintenance services that include content hours that can be used for many different improvements.

Past Clients

We are honored to have helped these nonprofits over the last five years! Originally, we chose one nonprofit from Arizona. As our business expanded into Nashville, we wanted to support our community there as well so we added a second nonprofit to our annual project!

In addition to providing website maintenance services, these clients received content hours each month that were utilized to rework their websites. Many improved contact forms, made visual changes, streamlined messaging, and more! Be sure to click and read more about what site improvements were made for each organization:

New This Year

In addition to the Hammersmith Support website maintenance services, we are excited that this year, our friends at Bugle are donating 12 months of Bugle Premium (volunteer management software)! Bugle Premium helps organize volunteering events, track volunteer hours via participant check-ins, and share the impact post-event. Their Premium Package includes unlimited event and volunteer tracking, unlimited mass texts, CRM data transfer via Zapier, and unlimited admin accounts (licenses).

Know a Nonprofit That Would Benefit?

Any charitable organization in Arizona or Tennessee that is an approved 501(c)(3) and has an existing WordPress website is eligible to be our pro bono client. We will be accepting applications through Friday, March 15. We will then meet with finalists and select our new clients by the end of March.