An Interview with Website Maintenance Client: Esperança

An Interview with Website Maintenance Client: Esperança

We know we share a lot about the benefits of routine website maintenance. Which is why we’re excited to also show you how great a maintenance package can be for your business by highlighting one of our maintenance clients: Esperança. This fantastic, Phoenix-based nonprofit’s mission is to “improve health and provide hope through disease prevention, education and treatment for every life we touch.” They partner with nongovernmental organizations in the US, Mexico, Central America, and parts of Africa to help those in need.

Hammersmith Support was honored to redesign the Esperança website over a year ago, and the organization has been a maintenance client ever since. We are grateful for Esperança’s marketing manager, Elena Burr, who shared her experience as a maintenance client.

Tell us a little about you and your organization.

Esperança - Website Maintenance Client

“At Esperança, we believe in a world where every person is thriving, creating new possibilities and promising futures. In the communities we serve, that world can feel far away. When children grow up in unsafe environments, when healthcare infrastructure simply doesn’t exist, when education is a luxury good, it’s incredibly hard for families to focus on anything other than survival.

Since 1970, Esperança has built optimal social, mental, and physical health in under-resourced communities across the globe, taking care of urgent needs so that people can focus on their families’ futures.

Our unique approach is rooted in the belief that no matter what, the community comes first. It’s not our place to tell people what they needour job is to listen. That’s why we provide a wide range of services that respond to the unique needs of any given community. Whether we’re launching a medical intervention, providing essential health education, or serving freshly prepared meals, we work collaboratively with the communities we serve, acting in partnership to remove barriers and provide direct service.

When we are freed of the difficulties of the day, we can plan for the future. Esperança helps individuals today so that their communities can thrive tomorrow.”

When you reached out to Hammersmith Support, what challenges were you having with your website?

“Our biggest challenge was site speed and unpredictable glitches, which affected the online experience of our donors and volunteers. As an organization that relies on the generosity of others, we wanted to streamline virtual navigation and make program updates and donation information easily accessible.

What changes were you able to have made to your website once you became a maintenance client?

“Right off the bat, Hammersmith redesigned our entire homepage, making it more appealing and easier to navigate for all our web visitors. Switching to Hammersmith’s web hosting server has greatly improved site speed and reliability. They also manage all routine updates, provide metrics and go above and beyond to deploy creative solutions for our various campaigns and events.”

How has maintenance service benefitted you and your organization?

“Hammersmith’s service feels like an extension of our own team. I feel their passion for our work every time I reach out with the most minute question or last-minute request. We have a real peace of mind knowing that Hammersmith is just a quick email or phone call away. They always offer a variety of potential courses of action for updates which ensures that we have flexibility to decide the most customized approach for our organization.”

What would you tell other nonprofits that are considering the maintenance service with Hammersmith Support?

“Hammersmith truly cares about the holistic success of your organization. They provide the highest quality service with a personal touch that doesn’t go unnoticed.”

Hammersmith Support Can Help Your Organization Too!

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