How to Keep the Website Love Alive

How to Keep the Website Love Alive

Because February is the month of love, we think that love should apply to your website too! While we told you about six reasons to break up with your website, we also want to share with you some important steps to keep your website love alive. And who better to help with that than the Hammersmith Team? We grilled our experts on the most important things you can do to keep the love alive—at least when it comes to your site.

Heather Locke, Founder

Don’t let the site get stale! Websites are like living things; they need to be updated and changed often. Fresh content includes new photos, blogs, and general content like About pages and business information. If you don’t have these aspects on your site already, or if you’re just not comfortable adjusting them on your own, consider signing up for our website maintenance services that include 2-4 hours of monthly content updates!

Phoebe Cook, Anne Starkle & Lindsey Krause – Hammersmith Support Website Support Team

Lindsey Krause, Support Specialist

  • FRESH IMAGERY! As an artist, and former art therapist, I know how important imagery is for the mind, body, and soul. It only takes a second to find an image that describes your brand and lifts your spirits! BONUS! If it makes you feel good, it will make others feel good as well! Don’t forget to add alt tags so that your visually impaired visitors can enjoy the beautiful imagery as well! 
  • ASK YOURSELF: DO I NEED TO BE DOING THIS? If there is a task that is repetitive and time consuming, let that be an alarm bell in your brain. Repetitive and time consuming is what computers do best, so ask your go-to dev if they can automate some tasks for you on your website. Even better, ask if your dev has an accessibility tool they could use to automate the addition of alt tags to your pretty images, so you stay in love with your site without the hassle. 
  • ADD SOME FLAIR! You can add a lot of flair and user enjoyment without revamping your entire site. Add some hover interactions to your buttons. Maybe there’s a brand color that you love but you use seldomly (think hot pink or minty-fresh green). You or your web team can add that color subtly by only making a button HOT PINK or MINT GREEN when the button is hovered over. You could even add a more subtle interaction by making only the border of the button change colors on hover. This effect can be applied at different places around your site without changing the overall look and feel drastic.

Anne Starkle, Support Specialist

This was a no-brainer for me! The best way to keep loving your website is to:

  • Keep it clean: the style of each page should be clear, easy to follow, and organized.
  • Keep it fresh: add or change out images as well as pertinent information to the site.
  • Expand your reach: adding anything for accessibility is huge! The more people that view it and pass it along to others, the better!

Phoebe DeCook, Support Specialist

My favorite way to stay in love with my website is to consistently provide new posts or photos so my visitors always have something fresh to see. I also love sharing new information I’ve learned. Recently I’ve been fascinated by the opportunities that can come from using AI technology. And of course, it’s important to make sure that everyone can use your site easily and safely, so making sure your site has an accessibility tool can make a world of difference.

We Can Be Your Matchmaker!

If all of this sounds lovely, but overwhelming or just plain not in your wheelhouse, we’ve got you covered. Our team of specialists are experts at assisting small businesses and large-scale businesses as well, each with a personalized and professional touch. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation, and let’s talk through your questions.