Time to Break Up with Bad Website Design

Time to Break Up with Bad Website Design

We know this time of year is full of love stories, but sometimes love just isn’t enough when it comes to your website! If your relationship with your site has hit the rocks, we have six reasons to help determine if it’s time to break up with your bad website design.

Weak Calls to Action

If your site doesn’t know how to determine the relationship, it’s time to bail out. Your website could be absolutely visually spectacular, but if a visitor doesn’t know how to take the next step (i.e., make a purchase, schedule a call, or sign up), then all that beauty is for nothing. Having strategically placed calls to action that are clear and easy to navigate is key to converting visitors.

Security Gaps

Gaps in security are a red flag for a few reasons. Not only do they leave your website susceptible to malware and hackers, but they also make your customer information easy to steal as well. In addition, not having a secure site can hurt your Google Ranking Factors and leave your site off of the search engine results page.

Lacking Updates

If you do not love your website by updating all the aspects of it regularly, you might be headed for a breakup. Missed updates can lead to slow load times and also downtime if too many updates need to be installed at one time to catch up. Not only does the platform need updates but so do plug-ins.

Poor Layout

While you shouldn’t have to draw a map for your partner, you do have to for your website visitors. And if your site has a poor layout that is hard to navigate, you may be on your way to separation. Utilizing well-placed and organized menus are essential to making information easy for visitors to find—this includes mobile versions.

Missing Accessibility

If your website is like a partner not allowing access to their phone, it’s time to move on. Not only is having a website that is accessible for people with disabilities, it’s also good business. Utilizing accessibility tools like the latest one from Hammersmith Support ensures that your site is visible to everyone, and saves your business from the liability of discrimination.

Unclear Messaging

Communication is essential to any good relationship. And the same goes with your website. If visitors can’t figure out what your business is and does in under 3 seconds, then the messaging has failed. And just like every person has a different love language, they also absorb information differently, which is why images and icons are useful in clear messaging. While an image doesn’t have to be of your exact business, it should be representative of your business. In addition, icons can be used to break up information visually but also convey a message.

We’re Here to Help

Ready to break up with your website design? We love working with clients of all sizes—from small businesses to midsize firms. Our team provides a personal touch to everything that we do, unlike much larger companies. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation, and let’s talk through your questions and how we can rekindle the love with your website.