It's Time for Spring Cleaning! And That Includes Your Website, Too.

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning! And That Includes Your Website, Too.

Is there anything more satisfying than cleaning out a cluttered area in your home and standing back to admire it in all its organized glory? Well, when you’re on a cleaning kick, don’t neglect your website! Even the digital areas of your life need some cleaning up. Here are a few areas to focus on this season.


Just like your platform needs to be updated, so do your plugins. These all-important pieces of code need to be updated regularly. While you’re looking at your plugins, take a look at which ones you’re actually using. Do you have two SEO plugins but are only utilizing one? Are there old form builders still hanging around? Update what is being used and delete what’s old to keep your site light and running smoothly.


Update images on your site and also be sure to check all of the image information. Be sure to complete everything from alt text to caption and title with descriptive information. Not only is this great for accessibility for differently-abled visitors but also for SEO. Google Ranking Factors look at all aspects of the image and the more quickly and easily the image can be evaluated, the higher the rank is returned.

Be sure to clean up older blog posts by adding links to more recent posts. Think about it. Your first post likely had one or two links maybe, but after several months or years of blog posts, you most certainly have much more content that you could link to in earlier posts. This is not only great for readers to discover more topics, but quality links are fantastic for SEO.

Additional Features

Speaking of blogs, now is a great time to add new features to your site. So if you don’t have a blog started yet, add it! Or add a lead magnet to download and capture contact information that could be used for a newsletter. And what better time to launch an e-commerce shop than now? Google Analytics and Google Search Console can also be added to your site any time to get insights into where your site traffic is originating.

Let Us Do the Dirty Work

OK, we know that cleaning up your website isn’t actually dirty. But it can be time-consuming and not something you’re comfortable DIY-ing. Don’t worry; we’re here to help! Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation and let’s talk through your thoughts. 

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