The Cost of Not Having Website Maintenance

The Cost of Not Having Website Maintenance

We always enjoy bringing you all the details on how website maintenance helps your site! Regular maintenance helps keep your site running smoothly, securely, and optimally with great SEO as well. But the ugly truth is that there is a dark side to not consistently maintaining your site. We usually highlight these areas in our funny Halloween posts, but today we’re giving it to you straight—not having regular website maintenance can cost you and your business big time:


There are a number of reasons that a contact form could malfunction. And without consistent testing of those forms, you could lose potential customers who are reaching out to you directly. In addition, you could lose the chance at a great first impression by leaving potential customers wondering if you’re ever going to respond to their inquiries.

In addition, if your site is not being updated regularly, a bulk update could cause the site to crash. This lost uptime could cost you potential clients and even regular customers if they can’t get what they need from your site.

Peace of Mind

Even if you don’t take payments through your site, it is still at risk of hacks or malware. And while that might seem like less of a problem, the reality is that either of those could take your site offline while it’s being repaired. Some hackers aren’t as “friendly” and can hold your site hostage and demand a ransom. Wild as it sounds, it’s not as preposterous as it may seem.


In addition to the host of issues that malware can cause, one is that your site could be changed completely without a way to immediately fix the issue. If your site suddenly began displaying pornographic material because of a hack, a potential customer isn’t likely to stick around. Further, it can give the impression that doing business with your company is not secure or even unscrupulous.

On a slightly less serious note, site visitors can have an unconscious judgment of your site if it is not functioning properly. An unattractive or poorly functioning site may give the impression that your business is disorganized or even dishonest.

Growth Potential

Regular maintenance with Hammersmith Support includes 2 hours of content updates to use each month. These hours can be used for the following:

While each of these aspects individually may not seem like much, cumulatively these updates and upgrades to your site can really add up! Consistent improvements can keep your business website on the right growth trajectory.


All of these costs really add up to the biggest one—lost revenue. If potential clients aren’t able to interact with your site, or current customers can’t purchase or contact you, you’re losing money. Trust us, the cost of a maintenance package is far less than any one of these areas!

We Can Help

Hammersmith Support is here to help! Set up a complimentary 30-minute meeting, and let’s talk about your business website needs and how our maintenance packages can accommodate your business.