Naughty vs Nice Websites

Naughty vs Nice Websites

It’s that time of year when Santa is doing a lot of list-checking—and it’s not just those kids he’s watching. Your business website is on his list too! The question is, have you let it be a naughty or nice website this year? Here’s how to tell:


Is your website going to be on the naughty side? It could be if it is:

Out of date

Is your content stale? Is the information on your About page up to date? If not, your out-of-date site is likely turning potential customers away. Out-of-date design isn’t just visual; old site structure can be a problem too. It can cause slow load times, challenging navigation, and can even leave your site vulnerable to malware.

And did you know that an out-of-date website can hurt your credibility too? Out-of-date design can give the impression that your business is outdated or even dishonest.


That all-important “S” in the “https” of your site’s URL is key to keeping your site safe—and your customer’s information safe too. Not having an updated security certificate can spell disaster when it comes to hackers, malware, and Google Ranking Factors.

Missed Updates

Much like a lapsed security certificate, not updating your site regularly can leave it vulnerable to malware and hackers. Further, missed updates can lead to slow load times and downtime if too many updates try to install at one time to catch up.

Lacking SEO

Your website only works if people can find it. Without strong SEO, your site isn’t returned in the search engine results page as high as other sites, making it harder to discover.


Modern and Functional

Not only is the visual part of a website important for visitors but so is the site structure and functionality. Calls to action, mobile optimization, and overall organization help to make a website that is not only great for visitors but has a strong conversion rate too.


A secured site is important for many reasons including giving customers peace of mind. In addition, secured sites maintain better up time, and a secure site contributes to good SEO.


Maintained websites are up to date on all updates, including PHP and plugins. Much like a security certificate, a maintained website is safer and runs smoothly and faster.

Awesome SEO

A nice website has great SEO through all the items listed above but also with:

Complete image information

Large-scale and consistent content updates, such as blog posts


Mobile Optimization

We Can Help Get Your Site to the Nice List

If your site is likely on the Naughty List—or even if it’s definitely on the Naughty List—we can help! We want to discuss any challenges and how our services can help solve your business website headaches. Our comprehensive redesign and rebuild services, as well as our ongoing monthly maintenance packages, will make managing your website a dream for you and your team. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation, and let’s talk through your questions.

Happy Holidays from the Hammersmith Support Team!

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