Hammersmith Support's Top Ten Posts of 2022

Hammersmith Support’s Top Ten Posts of 2022

It’s that time of year when we take a moment to look back over the year and highlight the posts our readers loved the most. Did you catch them? We’ve got the Top Ten ready for you in case you missed them! Did your favorite post make the list?

#10. Custom Built V Template Websites

Most website platforms offer exclusively template websites. They are great for the average person who wants a personal or business website but doesn’t want to invest in a custom-built site. We only build custom sites for our clients, and while that comes at an additional investment versus a template site, there are additional benefits of a custom-built site. Read it here.

#9. Why Choose Hammersmith Support

We know when it comes to website design, development, and maintenance, you have many choices, so why choose Hammersmith Support over the competition? We’ve got several compelling reasons! Read more here.

#8. It’s Time for Spring Cleaning! And That Includes Your Website Too

Is there anything more satisfying than cleaning out a cluttered area in your home and standing back to admire it in all its organized glory? Well, when you’re on a cleaning kick, don’t neglect your website! Even the digital areas of your life need some cleaning up. Read it here.

#7. Website Best Practices: Calls to Action

Clear messaging involves easy-to-understand calls to action for readers. Find the difference between weak and strong calls to action and how to implement them appropriately. Click to read.

#6. 4.5 Reasons Your Website Needs Maintenance

If you’re asking yourself, “Did they mean to write ‘4.5’?” The answer is yes, we did. While the number of reasons may be debatable, what we know for certain is that these 4.5 reasons are extremely important! Read it here.

#5. Does Your Business Even Need a Website?

Many business owners are conflicted about whether or not it’s worth the investment to have a website for their business because they don’t sell products online or they feel their social media take the place of a website. But the reality is, a website is beneficial for every business for several reasons. Click to read.

#4. Website Best Practices: Functionality

Your website may be visually stunning, well written, and have amazing and clear calls to action, but if it doesn’t function well, none of those things matter! Read more.

#3. Meet the Hammersmith Support Team

In just a few short years, the Hammersmith Support team has grown across two locations in Nashville and Phoenix. This amazing team provides our clients with the best-in-class customer service that separates us from our competition. Click to read.

# 2. Website Best Practices: Security

Even if you don’t collect sensitive information or sell products from your website, the security of the website is still vital. These are the ways you can utilize this best practice to keep your website secure. Read it here.

Drum roll, please! Our #1 most read blog post of 2022 is……

#1. Absolutely Everything You Need to Know about SEO

Websites are our business, which means SEO is always on our minds. Search engine optimization for a website is never done, it’s constantly changing and evolving, which means the website needs to do the same to stay ahead of the game. Because SEO is A) important and B) a moving target, we like to share a lot of information with our readers. Click here to read.

Happy Holidays from Hammersmith Support!